Tips From Bill Gates

Lugen Family Office is always looking for impactful ways to empower the lives of our clients, our strategic network, and our community. Please check out our following tips from Billionaire Sir Richard Branson

Bill Gates On Philanthropy:

How the world will change by 2030

Bill and Melinda Gates: Why giving away our wealth has been the most satisfying thing we’ve done

Bill and Melinda Gates on Philanthropy with Charlie Rose

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Philanthropy

Conversation on Philanthropy with Bill Gates and Sir Michael Moritz

Don’t get frozen by the many causes to help

Advice From Bill Gates And Bono On How To Be A Rock Star Philanthropist

Growth of Philanthropy in India impressive

Bill Gates on being inspired by philanthropists

Bill Gates: How to Narrow the Gap of Inequality

Bill Gates: Non-Profits vs. For-Profit businesses

Bill Gates On Unlocking the Business And Government Sectors For Philanthropy

Bill Gates On Business:

How to Succeed in the Digital Economy

What Bill Gates learned about business from Warren Buffett

Bill Gates Speech at Harvard

Bill Gates’ Favorite Business Book

Bill Gates – Taking a Selfish Approach to One’s Career

Bill Gates shares his thoughts on computing’s impact on society

Bill Gates On Investing:

Bill Gates: QE Helps Debters Over Savers

Bill Gates on Upcoming Industries

Bill Gates Apple Pay Is A ‘Fantastic’ Idea

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