Legacy Planning Done Right,

Vikram Barhat 

Legacy planning is about passing on what you know. When people plan a legacy, the most important thing they want to bequeath is values and life lessons, not personal assets.


A rich opportunity, therefore, awaits advisors who revisit vision and values in the family, thereby re-establishing and building trust on an inter-generational basis, said Enzo Calamo, CEO, Lugen Family Office Inc ., speaking at the Distinguished Advisor Conference 2010 in Orlando, Florida.


Calamo shared key principles advisors could use in helping families build a dynasty. “We have to rethink what we’re doing when it comes to legacy planning and helping families actually build their family dynasty,” he said. “Only 10% of what advisors do – including estate planning, family planning, tax planning, investment planning – has a direct impact on legacy planning,” he said. Click here to read more…..




Third Faculty of the Brain Discovered,


Evidence of a third faculty of the brain, the conative faculty, was announced at a conference for business, education, and government leaders from nine countries and 35 states, hosted by Kolbe Corp.


The conative faculty of the brain triggers purposeful action (conation).


Enzo Calamo of Vancouver, British Columbia, who attended the conference as a Kolbe Certified Consultant, will provide local business leaders, professionals, and educators with innovative methods of assessing and managing this part of the brain. Click here to read more…..




The Ultimate Gift

by Jim Stovall

Enzo Calamo is a successful lawyer and businessman in the financial services industry. His making a difference story is that he read the book The Ultimate Gift by Jim Stovall and was moved by its message—so much so that he wondered how more people might be exposed to the philosophy of The Ultimate Gift to their own benefit and that of our wider society. 



Key Principles For Building a Sustainable Family Dynasty

Gracious Living is about understanding the connection between compassion, stewardship, love, respect, and successful living. The following are some key principles you may want to add to your family philosophy (hopefully they are already there) so you can build a sustainable family dynasty. Click here to read more….