Having mentored many of the ultra-rich over many years, I can share with you that they have a lot of common traits.

For example:

they are wildly curious
they are less scared of saying yes
they understand that failure is a gift
they know that relationships are key
they agree that disruptors win
they focus less on cost and more on value
they relentlessly invest in their growth

If I had to pick the one thing the richest people in the world do it would be this move…

…they are obsessed with the full-on expression of their natural gifts and talents…

…their fun is developing their mastery versus playing with their phone, gossiping with their pals and watching mindless videos.

I shot a short video that walks you through my insights on this point.

Go ahead and watch it here before my team takes it down:

Hope the video and my sharing helps you materialize your primal genius.

I’ve got your back. Now let’s get you to wow.

All green lights,

Source: www.robinsharma.com