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Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator

APR Calculator for Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Balloon Mortgages

Bi-weekly Payment Calculator

Blended Rate Mortgage Calculator

FHA Maximum Financing Calculator

Fixed Rate Mortgage vs. Interest Only Mortgage

Interest Only ARM Calculator

Interest Only Mortgage Calculator

Maximum Mortgage

Mortgage APR Calculator

Mortgage Comparison: 15 Years vs. 30 Years

Mortgage Debt Consolidation

Mortgage Payoff 

Mortgage Points Calculator

Mortgage Qualifier

Mortgage Refinance Break Even

Mortgage Required Income

Mortgage Tax Savings Calculator

Option ARM vs. Fixed Rate Mortgage

Refinance Interest Savings

Rent vs. Buy

Reverse Mortgage Calculator


Financial Calculators for Canadians

Here are some more Canadian financial calculators that will provide some preliminary information.

Canada Life


Retirement Income Calculator

Disability Needs Calculator

Business Expense Calculator for Disability

Critical Illness Calculator


Sun Life


Life Stage Planner

Financial Habits Quiz

What Will My Investments Be at Retirement?


Manulife Financial


InsureRight is a tool that will guide you through the steps of determining the right amount of Life Insurance, Disability or Critical Illness


RBC Insurance


Calculating your Life Insurance Needs

Retirement Cash Flow Calculator


Industrial Alliance


Life Insurance Requirements

Disability Income Requirements

Your Retirement Income Requirements


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