How does Lugen Family Office work with you?

We're part of your team. We're in your corner. Our clients trust us because we are committed to transparency, accountability, creative strategies, and total disclosure.

  1. We believe our clients’ wealth should be respected, protected, expanded and nurtured.
  2. We believe families must treat their wealth as their core business.
  3. We believe in serving as your advocate on agreed upon projects, while providing you with independent strategic advice which helps you achieve success.
  4. We believe that families should not be faced with conflicted decision making; so we strive to mediate disagreements to ensure amicable solutions are decided.
  5. We believe that our clients should stay in control of their own wealth, always be engaged, and constantly learning.

Why We Have Developed A PRIVATE Eco-System For You?

Featured Family Office Services

  • Legacy Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Private Finance
  • Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Why Retain Our Family Office For Business Consulting?

  • Get a second opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of your business structure
  • Retain a private and confidential strategic consigliere to help you with important decisions
  • Discuss unique solutions that reflect your circumstances and aspirations
  • Exposure to expertise derived from other industries and sectors
  • Explore how to empower your business by effectively using your people, processes, and products
  • Access our global strategic network to enhance your presence in your local market
  • Knowledge of best practices
  • Our family office acts on your behalf so we align with your best interests

The Importance Of Your Own Personal Coach

Our Unique Process

Dreams do come true but only if you follow through with the implementation of the proper steps to manifest them. Unfortunately, Lugen Family Office has witnessed too many successful family businesses who have great buy sell agreements, estate plans, etc. in their possession, often created by leading professionals, but which documents were never executed or updated. At Lugen Family Office, we like to remind our clients that money spent without proper execution is only money wasted. The road of good intentions only leads to failed desires.

Your Business Consigliere

The role of a Family Business Consigliere is to counsel business owners, and their families, through guidance, support, accountability and encouragement in creating an inspirational life story.

Meeting your desired outcomes is really determined by three elements: desire, capacity, and practice. Daryle Doden, CEO of Ambassador Enterprises, explains these core elements as follows:


The Importance of Desire

Imagine interviewing two very different – and very interesting – people. And they are both you: the high school freshman you and the college freshman you. Same parents, same siblings, same person – but separated by four years’ growth.

While you were in that four-year span, you probably didn’t notice much change; from your perspective it was gradual and seamless. But if you could see the two versions of yourself standing side by side – and especially if you could talk to them both – the growth would be readily apparent.

Desire is present when you recognize a need or are attracted to a benefit. You can desire a spouse, a car, a promotion, a skill, and so on. If that desire is strong enough, you have sufficient motivation to step out of your comfort zone and accept the risk of failure.

Capacity is your potential to receive and apply the knowledge needed to fulfill a desire. Having enough personal capacity does not mean you will actually apply anything; it just means you have the potential; you are not disqualified by an insurmountable limitation.

Bill Gates On Capacity

Practice is the application that transforms a desire from theory into reality. In its earliest stages, practice is simply action – forcing your capacity to do something with your desire. Early stages of practice are often discouragingly clumsy, but they graduate from indiscriminate action to more refined action as experience introduces additional knowledge. Practice gives way to better practice, and that yields growth in any endeavor.

Michael Jordan on Practice

How does your current growth rate compare with earlier in your life? What are you currently practicing? What should you be practicing if you intend to maintain a vigorous growth rate?”

At Lugen Family Office, we believe that changing your thoughts will change your beliefs which will change your habits. Therefore, your decisions about why, what, when, who, and how you practice on a daily basis have a significant impact on your trajectory for growth. To simplify, Daryle Doden looks at the main choices you can adopt to alter your trajectory.

Growth Trajectory

“One strategy is to grow through more individual practice (depicted in the lighter green arrows). Growth continues but levels off slightly for two reasons. First, you are likely to see diminishing returns from simply repeating the same action, especially when restricted by your own perspective; you don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t see what you can’t see.

Second, like most of us, you will tend to deal with that diminishing return by lowering your commitment to practice. Concluding that you’re reaching the limits of your capacity to improve, you may prematurely settle for an unnecessary ceiling. The gold arrows illustrate an alternate strategy that involves other people in the ongoing practice. Although this adds some complication, it also ignites additional engines.

A coach asks powerful questions and provides valuable external feedback. This usually includes encouragement (affirmation of what you’re doing right), exposure of blind spots (education on what you’re doing wrong), and co-creation of supporting structures, including accountability.”

Your private family business consigliere will collaborate with you to elevate your trajectory so that you can have a healthier, more fulfilling, and increased productive life. Although the ultimate trajectory is your choice, your Consigliere, along with a strategic and collaborative team, will keep you accountable to your passion, values, and purpose in life. Remember, it’s difficult to get a truly objective answer from yourself about your business, or even certain aspects of your life, but your Consigliere will always tell you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it.

Using our innovative Seven Generation Legacy Process, Business Families can now enhance trust, improve communication, gain clarity on important leadership issues, and train the the next generation with their own private and confidential Consigliere. Effective and efficient succession planning, business transition planning, business exit planning, business financing, business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and leadership coaching are now within your reach through Lugen Family Office.

Family Business Consigliere Services are customized to your needs and can include…

  • Help in developing your vision
  • Creating a Common Mission statement based upon your values
  • Building a Family Business governance structure
  • Developing strategies for continuity
  • Education and development of the next generation and successors
  • Creating a strong family and business culture through unique ability management (using our proprietary Money Ball system)
  • Communication building
  • Project Management of goals and business opportunities
  • Assistance in deal making through Lugen Family Office and our Strategic Network

Lugen Family Office also works with leading psychological, behavioral, and sociological experts to assist our clients better understand themselves and the people around them. After a comprehensive psychometric, behavioral, and cultural assessment, Lugen Family Office helps family businesses align their true desires with their core values.

Our Fees: Please contact us today for a free initial consultation about your most important issues and urgent projects. If Lugen Family Office can assist you, we will provide you with a confidential Engagement Agreement that clearly specifies your family business needs and how Lugen Family Office will act as your Family Business Consigliere. Our mission is to make your business dreams come true in the quickest and most cost efficient manner. Fees start as low as $1,000 US per week for 1.5 hours of consultation.

This will be one of the best investments you, your family, and your business will ever make since true wealth can only be achieved through aligning desired results with your core values.