Lugen Family Office, and our private Strategic Network, empower Family Dynasties! By only allowing our private clientele to tap into our confidential, trusted, reliable, and holistic eco-system, our family office moves HNW and UHNW Families from Success to Significance!

Featured Family Office Services

  • Legacy Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Private Finance
  • Business Consulting

Private Wealth Management

Featured Wealth Management Services

Why Private Wealth Management?

  • Referrals to Independent Third Party Managers and Institutional Custodians
  • Customize your investment profile depending on where you are in your life journey
  • Help with financial planning, retirement planning, risk management, estate planning, wealth preservation, and tax planning
  • Be your own family bank
  • Facilitation of your wealth management needs through our strategic partners which are highly qualified and properly licensed professionals 
  • Access to private equity opportunities
  • Low competitive fees
  • Access to private equity opportunities
  • Wealth management focused on what you value rather than the value of what you own
  • We understand that managing family wealth is vital to a sustainable legacy!

How does Lugen Family Office work with you?

We're part of your team. We're in your corner. Our clients trust us because we are committed to transparency, accountability, creative strategies, and total disclosure.

  1. We believe our clients’ wealth should be respected, protected, expanded and nurtured.
  2. We believe families must treat their wealth as their core business.
  3. We believe in serving as your advocate on agreed upon projects, while providing you with independent strategic advice which helps you achieve success.
  4. We believe that families should not be faced with conflicted decision making; so we strive to mediate disagreements to ensure amicable solutions are decided.
  5. We believe that our clients should stay in control of their own wealth, always be engaged, and constantly learning.

What Is An Eco-System?