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Currently serving multiple UHNW families and successful entrepreneurs, Lugen Family Office provides five core services to advance your wealth, business, and lifestyle:


  1. Wealth Planning, click here to learn more
  2. Legacy Planning, click here to learn more
  3. Business Consulting, click here to learn more
  4. Family Office Services, click here to learn more
  5. Private Financing, click here to learn more


Most importantly, we listen to your dreams and needs. We help you strategize potential options to achieve your desired outcomes. We facilitate the execution of your game plan. We oversee and manage agreed upon projects on your behalf.


As no two families or businesses are alike, we customize our services for your specific needs. 


How does Lugen Family Office work with you?


We’re part of your team. We’re in your corner. Our clients trust us because we are committed to transparency, accountability, creative strategies, and total disclosure.

  1. We believe our clients’ wealth should be respected, protected, expanded and nurtured.
  2. We believe families must treat their wealth as their core business.
  3. We believe in serving as your advocate on agreed upon projects, while providing you with independent strategic advice which helps you achieve success.
  4. We believe that families should not be faced with conflicted decision making; so we strive to mediate disagreements to ensure amicable solutions are decided.
  5. We believe that our clients should stay in control of their own wealth, always be engaged, and constantly learning.



How are we compensated?


Family offices are compensated in several different ways and amounts depending on the services provided. In order to keep your costs to a minimum while providing you with exceptional value, we provide you with specific fee estimates based on each project that you engage us.


MINIMUM ANNUAL FAMILY OFFICE FEE: We ONLY work with our family office clients. Therefore, we have a minimum annual family office fee payable at time of engagement, or on the anniversary date, of $60,000 US per family or business client.  THE GOOD NEWS FOR OUR CLIENTS – as we align with you on your specific projects, and each project has its own agreed upon fee, our family office will waive your next annual family office fee if the other revenues and fees earned by us from your specific projects exceed your family office fee for the current year. What this means to you? Another year of great and uninterrupted family office services with your annual family office fee waived for that year.


Our Weath Optimization Process

We have a unique process that we follow with strict adherance. Each step will lead to the next, and upon completion of every step, the decision is made to move forward to the next step. This way you remain in full control of your your project while we oversee  and facilitate the entire process.



For example, if we were to help you with private financing, we would collaborate on the best way to position your company with UHNW Investors or institutions. We would review your marketing and financial documents to ensure that you have an enticing story. Afterwards we will work with you to determine the right marketing strategy to showcase your business to the right Investors.

The duration for the entire process really depends on the availability of relevant data, the active participation of your senior executives and founders, and creating the right story to entice investors.

In this particular private financing example, Lugen Family Office will:

  1. Review options available for raising capital, equity, and debt financing options
  2. Send teasers to UHNW investors, institutional investors, accredited HNW investors, other family offices, and/or strategic partners within our network, which may be appropriate, to implement a financing strategy.
  3. Develop and implement enticing strategies for attracting the right investors or out of the box strategies for finding strategic partners that may want to joint venture with you.
  4. Facilitate introductions to prospective investors, or lenders, who may be interested in providing the Financing.


How are our family office services different?


As our family office is engaged to facilitate specific projects requested by each of our UHNW families and successful businesses, it is very difficult for our family office to promote generic products or services. Furthermore, as we ONLY work with our own family office clients, everything that we do is customized to meet our client’s needs.

As a consequence, as a new prospective client, it is natural for you to be potentially confused about how our family office services may differ from those services provided by wealth management firms, private equity firms, investment banks, etc. After all, it can be very difficult to distinguish how a specific project that we are engaged on may differ from the services provided by these third party firms.  The core difference is that we are YOUR FAMILY OFFICE. Therefore, we ONLY ACT on your behalf since we are simply an extension of you, your family, or your business. Therefore, it does not matter to us whether our family office can provide you the requested services in house or if we need to bring in one of our strategic partners to assist you. Getting your desired results is always our number one objective, along with saving you time and money where possible!




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