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unHeritage – 11 Pitfalls to Family Legacy and How to Avoid Them


“unHeritage is definitely the lighthouse for protecting your family and wealth for generations. This book is a must read for anyone interested in legacy planning.” Enzo Calamo

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Center for Family Conversations


The Center for Family Conversations (CFC) is a resource center that provides the integral tools and ideas in helping families establish a 100-year-plus Family Legacy Plan.

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THE TYCOON PLAYBOOK – How Business Empires Are Built


The Tycoon Playbook course was created for business families who are already running a successful business and wish to ramp up their growth while preserving wealth for future generations. Specifically, the Playbook teaches high performance business owners the two most highly rewarded skills in business, namely deal-making and how to acquire cash flow producing business assets.

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CNN Financial News

Google fights Marriott's plan to block Wi-Fi hotspotsGoogle and Microsoft have joined a growing chorus of businesses that oppose Marriott's attempt [...]

Watching 'The Interview' online: absurdly amusingRead full story for latest details. [...]

JetBlue offers to fly police to NYPD funeralRead full story for latest details. [...]

10 least affordable rental marketsHome to the Yankees and often called the birthplace of hip hop, the Bronx now has another famous mon [...]

American Apparel hires investment bank to weigh 'strategic options'American Apparel has turned to investment bank Moelis for advice on a range of "strategic optio [...]

YouTube could be battling expensive lawsuit over Pharrell and other popular musicYouTube could soon be battling an expensive lawsuit if it doesn't soon pull down hit songs from [...]

American Airlines gives employees unexpected raiseAmerican Airlines is sharing the wealth, giving most of its employees a 4% raise on top of any raise [...]


CNN Small Business News

It's true. Everyone eats Chinese food on ChristmasAccording to data from Google Trends and GrubHub, Chinese food remains the most popular type of food [...]

Here's where all the Jews are hanging out on Xmas eveHere's where all the Jews are hanging out on Xmas eve [...]

Unilever lays an egg: Drops Just Mayo lawsuitUnilever sued Hampton Creek over its egg-free mayonnaise spread Just Mayo. But the company behind Be [...]

Alternative lenders are hot -- especially among millennialsRead full story for latest details. [...]

Sell your holiday gift cards for cashRead full story for latest details. [...]

Reddit cofounder: The next Google is one visa away from leaving U.S.Read full story for latest details. [...]

The heart of the Internet has been hackedICANN, the all-powerful but little-known organization that administers global website domain names, [...]


CNN Money News

Sell your holiday gift cards for cashRead full story for latest details. [...]

Living your dream retirement? Tell us about itAre you living your dream retirement? If so, we want to hear how you were able to get there -- wheth [...]

6 products to keep the skies friendlyPlane travel can be stressful, especially during the holidays. These things can help keep the peace [...]

Get your portfolio ready for 2015 and beyondRattled by the rocky markets? Ignore the turmoil and prognostications and focus instead on creating [...]

Rising trend: Donating stock to charityWarren Buffett isn't the only one gifting shares of stock to charities. It has major tax advant [...]

Everybody rallied to pay off this family's $200,000 in debtRead full story for latest details. [...]

Union retirees: Don't cut my pensionRead full story for latest details. [...]


Fortune Magazine

Will Mmmhops be a hit?Hanson is attempting to chart with a new microbrew. [...]

NBA confirms L.A. Clippers sale to ex-Microsoft CEO Steve BallmerDonald Sterling sues the NBA for damages and demands to be reinstated as owner. [...]

FBI and SEC probe into Carl Icahn and golfer Phil MickelsonAuthorities are looking into the potenial insider trading. [...]

Google launches "right to be forgotten" service in EuropeNow European citizens can request to have search results removed. [...]

Zuckerberg's latest donation reawakens concerns over mixed results in NewarkFacebook founder and his wife donate $120 million to Bay Area schools, claim to have learned from pr [...]

Five crazy things Steve Ballmer has doneIn light of Ballmer placing the highest bid on an NBA team in history on Thursday, here are some of [...]

Four ways Apple could have the "best" product pipeline everFrom the obvious upgrades to the bold and daring. [...]


Reuters Business News

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia said on Thursday its currency crisis was over even though its forex reserv [...]

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia's rouble strengthened on Thursday as exporters sold foreign currency [...]

TOKYO (Reuters) - Fuji Heavy Industries , the maker of Subaru brand cars and SUVs, has scrapped a pl [...]

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks closed flat in a short session on Wednesday as investors found few [...]

CHICAGO (Reuters) - U.S. consumers have not turned out in force for the final shopping days before C [...]

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Global oil markets fell again on Wednesday in holiday-thin trade, extending mor [...]

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. stocks closed flat in a short session on Wednesday as investors found few [...]


Reuters Economy News

DUBAI (Reuters) - Saudi Arabia will lift state spending to a record in its 2015 budget while coverin [...]

KIEV (Reuters) - Ukraine's parliament gave preliminary approval on Thursday to a law that would [...]

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia said on Thursday its currency crisis was over even though its forex reserv [...]

BELGRADE (Reuters) - After 19 hours of debate, Serbia's parliament adopted a 2015 budget early [...]

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's economy is creating more than 13 million new jobs this year, the Xi [...]


Reuters Business Video

Movie fans at a midnight screening of "The Interview" in LA are treated to surprise visit [...]

Despite a strong economy, retail sales were good, not great, this holiday season. Bobbi Rebell repor [...]

U.S. stocks lose steam at the close, but the Dow Jones Industrial Average hangs on to reach another [...]

'Informal' capital control measures from the Russian government provide some relief for th [...]

Minimum wage increases taking effect in 21 states in 2015 will impact more than 1,400 Wal-Mart store [...]

Reynolds Holding talks to Richard Beales about a new test for U.S. courts – dealing with trading cri [...]

New coins to solve Zimbabwe's currency problems may, it's feared, simply not work - while [...]


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  • Stephen Covey – character and personality – 7 habits of highly effective people

    Stephen Covey – character and personality – 7 habits of highly effective people  

  • Stephen Covey – Paradigms and The Social Mirror

    Stephen Covey – Paradigms and The Social Mirror  

  • The most important judgment is the one that you pass on yourself

    The most important judgment is the one that you pass on yourself

    The most important judgment is the one that you pass on yourself

  • Great Legacy Poem – To One Shortly to Die by Walt Whitman

    From all the rest I single out you, having a message for you, You are to die–let others tell you what they please, I cannot prevaricate, I am exact and merciless, but I love you–there is no escape for you. Softly I lay my right hand upon you, you ‘ust feel it, I do not argue, I bend my head close and half envelop it, I sit quietly by, I remain faithful, I am more than nurse, more than parent or neighbor, I absolve you from all except yourself spiritual bodily, that is eternal, you yourself will surely escape, The corpse you will leave will be but excrementitious. The sun bursts through in unlooked-for directions, Strong thoughts fill you and confidence, you smile, You forget you are sick, as I forget you are sick, You do not see the medicines, you do not mind the weeping friends, I am with you, I exclude others from you, there is nothing to be commiserated, I do not commiserate, I congratulate you. Walt Whitman, (1819 – 1892)  

  • Howard Rheingold: The new power of collaboration

    Howard Rheingold talks about the coming world of collaboration, participatory media and collective action — and how Wikipedia is really an outgrowth of our natural human instinct to work as a group. Writer, artist and designer, theorist and community builder, Howard Rheingold is one of the driving minds behind our net-enabled, open, collaborative life. Why you should listen to him: As Howard Rheingold himself puts it, “I fell into the computer realm from the typewriter dimension, then plugged my computer into my telephone and got sucked into the net.” A writer and designer, he was among the first wave of creative thinkers who saw, in computers and then in the Internet, a way to form powerful new communities. His 2002 book Smart Mobs, which presaged Web 2.0 in predicting collaborative ventures like Wikipedia, was the outgrowth of decades spent studying and living life online. An early and active member of the Well (he wrote about it in The Virtual Community), he went on to cofound HotWired and Electric Minds, two groundbreaking web communities, in the mid-1990s. Now active in Second Life, he teaches, writes and consults on social networking. His latest passion: teaching and workshopping participatory media literacy, to make sure we all know how to read and make the new media that we’re all creating together. “With his last book, Smart Mobs, the longtime observer of technology trends made a persuasive case that pervasive mobile communications, combined with always-on Internet connections, will produce new kinds of ad-hoc social groups. Now, he’s starting to take the leap beyond smart mobs, trying to weave some threads out of such seemingly disparate developments as Web logs, open-source software development, and Google.”  BusinessWeek  

  • Clay Shirky: How cognitive surplus will change the world

    Clay Shirky looks at “cognitive surplus” — the shared, online work we do with our spare brain cycles. While we’re busy editing Wikipedia, posting to Ushahidi (and yes, making LOLcats), we’re building a better, more cooperative world. Clay Shirky argues that the history of the modern world could be rendered as the history of ways of arguing, where changes in media change what sort of arguments are possible — with deep social and political implications. Why you should listen to him: Clay Shirky’s work focuses on the rising usefulness of networks — using decentralized technologies such as peer-to-peer sharing, wireless, software for social creation, and open-source development. New technologies are enabling new kinds of cooperative structures to flourish as a way of getting things done in business, science, the arts and elsewhere, as an alternative to centralized and institutional structures, which he sees as self-limiting. In his writings and speeches he has argued that “a group is its own worst enemy.” Shirky is an adjunct professor in New York Universityʼs graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program, where he teaches a course named “Social Weather.” Heʼs the author of several books. “Shirky is one of the handful of people with justifiable claim to the digerati moniker. He’s become a consistently prescient voice on networks, social software, and technology’s effects on society.”   WIRED  


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Celebrity Net Worth

How much money would it take to convince you to abandon your family beach vacation and play quarterb [...]

A homeless guy is given $100 as a prank to see what kind of crazy things he'll buy at a liquor [...]

Irineo Alvarez Net Worth: Irineo Alvarez is a Mexican actor who has a net worth of $5 million. Irine [...]

Mario Loria Net Worth: Mario Loria is a Mexican actor who has a net worth of $3 million. Mario Loria [...]

Alejandro González Iñárritu Net Worth: Alejandro González Iñárritu is a Mexican film director who ha [...]

Anu Aga Net Worth: Anu Aga is an Indian businesswoman and social worker who has a net worth of $800 [...]

Tomas Goros Net Worth: Tomas Goros is a Mexican actor who has a net worth of $2 million. Tomas Goros [...]


Reuters Wealth News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. securities investor watchdog office on Tuesday unveiled its list of [...]

(Reuters) - The U.S. credit union regulator sued Wells Fargo & Co Tuesday, saying the bank faile [...]

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Tuesday threw out most of the claims in an investor law [...]

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A plan by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to widen the minimum trad [...]

(Reuters) - A Financial Industry Regulatory Authority arbitration panel ordered Cantor Fitzgerald [...]

CHICAGO (Reuters) - John Turner wondered if he should roll over his federal government retirement ac [...]

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Victims of Bernard Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme will get afresh $322 mill [...]


MarketWatch Personal Finance

Billy and Akaisha Kaderli, both 61, retired when they were 38 — more than two decades ago. Here’s ho [...]

Does your manager use tough love? It can really backfire: Workers’ bad behavior is linked to supervi [...]

Even a slight change in your return can made a huge difference in your retirement account given the [...]

Small-cap stocks tend to perform better than large-caps from late December through the second week o [...]

After such a robust economic quarter, a softer patch would hardly be unexpected, writes Jim Lowell. [...]

With the financial headlines everywhere heralding the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s remarkable rise [...]

There are no billionaires on the list, but Jay-Z and Beyonce together come close. [...]


MarketWatch Top Stories

Asian stock markets are mixed amid thin trading Thursday, following a sharp run-up in recent days as [...]

From beer and eggs to lucky charms and magic mushrooms, Japanese vending machines redefine the conce [...]

Incident occurred when a sample that may have contained the live Ebola virus was transferred from a [...]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average’s annual seasonal pattern suggests the rally could last a few days [...]

Originators of residential mortgage-backed securities will have a year to comply with a risk-retenti [...]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average eked out another record close on Wednesday, but a late selloff cost [...]

Studio teams with Google, Microsoft to allow video-streaming [...]


MarketWatch Pulse

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Here are the latest trading levels for Asia's major stock markets: [...]

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Shanghai stocks sat atop strong gains Thursday afternoon, as banks help [...]

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- In the latest legal challenge to ride-sharing service Uber Technologies [...]

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Shanghai stocks rebounded mildly early Thursday, with most other East A [...]

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Japanese investors sent the market slightly lower in early Thursday tra [...]

LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- Of the major East Asia markets, only those in Japan, mainland China and [...]

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Crude oil futures settled lower Wednesday after U.S. inventories show [...]

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