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unHeritage – 11 Pitfalls to Family Legacy and How to Avoid Them

“unHeritage is definitely the lighthouse for protecting your family and wealth for generations. This book is a must read for anyone interested in legacy planning.” Enzo Calamo

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Center for Family Conversations

The Center for Family Conversations (CFC) is a resource center that provides the integral tools and ideas in helping families establish a 100-year-plus Family Legacy Plan.

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THE TYCOON PLAYBOOK – How Business Empires Are Built

The Tycoon Playbook course was created for business families who are already running a successful business and wish to ramp up their growth while preserving wealth for future generations. Specifically, the Playbook teaches high performance business owners the two most highly rewarded skills in business, namely deal-making and how to acquire cash flow producing business assets.

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  • Inside Bentley: Behind the New Flying Spur

    Inside Bentley: Behind the New Flying Spur Learning about the handcrafts that go into making one of the world’s great luxury cars.

  • Keller Rinaudo: A mini robot — powered by your phone

    Keller Rinaudo: A mini robot — powered by your phone Your smartphone may feel like a friend — but a true friend would give you a smile once in a while. At TED2013, Keller Rinaudo demos Romo, the smartphone-powered mini robot who can motor along with you on a walk, slide you a cup of coffee across the table, and react to you with programmable expressions. Keller Rinaudo is the co-founder and CEO of Romotive — makers of the small, covetable robot, Romo. WHY YOU HOULD LISTEN TO HIM? Keller Rinaudo founded Romotive alongside friends Phu Nguyen and Peter Seid. The startup makes Romo, an adorable miniature robot that harnesses the the powerful processor in every smartphone. Something between a personal robot and a pet, Romo has a personality thanks to controllable facial expressions and is able to roll around on a tank-like base. As CEO of Romotive, Rinaudo sets the strategic direction of the company, raises funds needed to scale quickly and focuses on growing the team through recruiting. A 2009 Harvard graduate, Rinaudo worked with Dr. Yaakov Benenson and colleagues on biological computers — tiny devices made of RNA, DNA and proteins that, when implanted in the body, could work as molecular doctors signaling genes in need of treatment. Rinaudo is also a professional rock climber ranked top 10 in sport climbing. He has scaled alpine cliffs in France, underwater caves in Kentucky and the limestone towers of Yangshuo, China. “That’s a lot of excitement for a smartphone toy robot. But, hey, this is a toy with big ambitions, and Rinaudo and his crew–though admittedly unsure about where this all might lead–are convinced they’re onto something.”  CNET  

  • The $4 million Lamborghini

    The $4 million Lamborghini The brand new Lamborghini Veneno will run you $4 million, but only if you can get your hands on one of the 3 being produced.

  • McLaren P1: A hybrid supercar

    McLaren P1: A hybrid supercar The brand new, $1.1m McLaren P1 can do 0-60 in under 4 seconds and boasts a carbon fiber body.

  • Consumer Reports: Best cars for 2013

    Consumer Reports: Best cars for 2013 Consumer Reports announced their Top Pick vehicles which received the highest scores in their self-administered tests. Detroit automakers didn’t make the cut.

  • Pirelli CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera on company strategy

    Pirelli CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera on company strategy Pirelli tyres mean race cars, sports cars and glamour but the man driving the company understands that to be number one on the fast track, you have to watch the landscape as well.  

  • CNN Anchor: ‘Be Happy,’ Traffic Jams Are ‘A Sign That The Economy Is Improving’

    CNN Anchor: ‘Be Happy,’ Traffic Jams Are ‘A Sign That The Economy Is Improving’ CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield related a shocking bit of information to her audience on Tuesday. Skyrocketing gasoline prices mean that Americans are wasting more money than ever sitting in traffic, but there is a silver lining. While those traffic jams may be draining your wallet, CNN reports that they are also a sign that the overall economy is improving.  

  • Economic hardship forces Italians to consume less fuel

    Economic hardship forces Italians to consume less fuel


Enzo Calamo Is A Best Selling Author

Enzo Calamo is the Best Selling co-author of "How To Create Infinite Returns In Real Estate Using The Secret Asset: How To Recover All Business and Personal Expenses Using The Secret Asset" This is a must read for every affluent investor.

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