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  • Your Own Personal Board of Directors

    Your Own Personal Board of Directors EPIP members talk about how essential it is to create your own personal “board of directors” to help guide you through career (and life) decisions.  

  • Building a Culture of Leadersip by Dr. Bill DeMarco

    I once had a not so unique client that had an obsession.  In this case, it was all about “being number one”.   For all intents and purposes, this was their culture of leadership in the here and now.  To all the members of the executive team, this obsession became a mantra. Sounds like a pretty good obsession to have!  The problem was the term “number one” fundamentally meant different things to all the key players:.  finance – profitability, marketing – market share, research – patents, engineering – innovation, sales – volume, and so on.   It is sometimes not possible or practical to achieve all those goals at the same time, no matter how meaningful they may be.  In some cases,  like sales volume and profitability they may even work at cross purposes, when product price is too low.  Goals cry out for a common understanding; in this case to increase the odds of achieving the number one goal of “being number one”.   The word  LEADERSHIP is like this.  It fails to mean the same thing to all its devotees. Yet, it remains one of the most commonly used words in business parlance.  Here’s a definition of leadership I have used successfully for some years now.  You may find it useful as well.   LEADERSHIP is giving purpose to collective effort while inspiring willing effort in support of that purpose!      


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Center for Family Conversations

The Center for Family Conversations (CFC) is a resource center that provides the integral tools and ideas in helping families establish a 100-year-plus Family Legacy Plan.

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