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Jeff DeGraff: Revenue, Profits, and Speed (Compete / Blue)

Jeff DeGraff: Revenue, Profits, and Speed (Compete / Blue)

Jeff DeGraff, Dean of Innovation
Revenue, Profits, and Speed (Compete / Blue)

Now let’s talk about the compete quadrant or the blue quadrant which is all about revenue and it’s all about going really fast. Well, being a business school professor I could tell you a lot about this quadrant because that’s what we train MBAs to be, right? They’re these kind of hard charging, look for the money, find it, show the revenue, pay the shareholders, get after it. Well these people are very goal and action oriented. It’s all about getting after it right now and they’re very much impatient. They’re very matter-of-fact. They’re very aggressive. They’re extremely competitive so everything is kind of a race with each other. They’re very decisive so they don’t take a lot of time to make decisions and they’re very challenging.


Orrin Woodward Keeping Score

Keeping Score — Orrin Woodward

If you don’t attempt great things, great things can’t happen! One of the greatest days of your life is when you stop trying to impress others and start working hard enough to impress yourself. When you reach that goal is when the SCORE truly starts to change your life. Keep SCORE for yourself and no cheaters allowed!!