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unHeritage – 11 Pitfalls to Family Legacy and How to Avoid Them

“unHeritage is definitely the lighthouse for protecting your family and wealth for generations. This book is a must read for anyone interested in legacy planning.” Enzo Calamo

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Center for Family Conversations

The Center for Family Conversations (CFC) is a resource center that provides the integral tools and ideas in helping families establish a 100-year-plus Family Legacy Plan.

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THE TYCOON PLAYBOOK – How Business Empires Are Built

The Tycoon Playbook course was created for business families who are already running a successful business and wish to ramp up their growth while preserving wealth for future generations. Specifically, the Playbook teaches high performance business owners the two most highly rewarded skills in business, namely deal-making and how to acquire cash flow producing business assets.

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  • 8 Ways Real Estate Is Your Smartest Investment

    8 Ways Real Estate Is Your Smartest Investment

    Rental properties are among the most secure, reliable and tax-advantaged investments available to entrepreneurs.

  • Market Outlook: July 8, 2013

    Kenny Polcari provides a weekly market update from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

  • Eric Robison: The Unconventional Journey

    Eric Robison: The Unconventional Journey From accounting, to fashion, and real estate, Eric Robison has maintained a reputation as “the guy who could make magic happen”. Having lived and travelled around the world, Robison has created a career out of successful self-reinvention. Today, he is an award winning Real Estate agent, recognized for his leadership in the community.  

  • The Wealth Report – If you had US$30m in the bank, where would you invest in property?

    The Wealth Report – If you had US$30m in the bank, where would you invest in property? Andrew Hay, Knight Frank‘s Global Head of Residential Research answers common questions on why HNWIs are investing in prime property, where HNWIs are coming from and going to, where are HNWIs investing in prime property? Where are HNWI located? Where would I invest $30 million?  

  • The Wealth Report: Commercial Property discussion with Jeremy Waters & James Roberts

    The Wealth Report: Commercial Property discussion with Jeremy Waters & James Roberts CommercIal property is back. As private investors look to increase their exposure to the global economic recovery, the Wealth Report 2013 looks at where the smart money is heading. Jeremy Waters, partner at Knight Frank and James Roberts, head of Commercial Research discuss the findings.  

  • The Wealth Report – Future Trends in HNWI property investments

    The Wealth Report – Future Trends in HNWI property investments Oliver Knight of Knight Frank‘s Residential Research team looks at the key findings of The Wealth Report’s Attitudes Survey. The survey provides a unique insight into how HNWIs view property now and in the future.  

  • Michigan is Home to Twelve Billionaires

    Michigan is Home to Twelve Billionaires A look at the richest Michiganders

  • Try Relocation Therapy by Ken Torrino

    Try Relocation Therapy by Ken Torrino

    Try Relocation Therapy Relocation therapy is growing in popularity as people are searching for new ways to cope with loss in their lives. Loss of a job, loss of a loved one, or loss of motivation could all be impetus to relocate to another location. People are encouraged to move whenever they are faced with a roadblock in their lives that they cannot overcome. NY real estate agents are helping more people find homes who are moving to New York to cope with a divorce or other life-changing event. Relocation makes it easier for some reason. Relocate to Make Social Interactions Easier Many older people relocate to be in a closer knit community where people know one another. One older lady, for instance, traded her New Jersey home to live in Manhattan and be closer to people in her community. Daily, she bumps into people for coffee in Manhattan, but in New Jersey she rarely met anyone. Relocation to a more active community can make it easier to interact with people and feel connected. Purchasing a new home is considered real estate therapy. Why Should You Relocate? Relocation is recommended after a nasty breakup. Some people simply cannot bear seeing their former significant other with someone else. Instead of watching your significant other with spend time with someone else, move and allow yourself time to heal. The positive aspects of relationships can be brought along with people who are relocating, and the negative aspects of the relationship can be left in the home. Most therapists will advise people not to make any life changing decisions until one year after the death of a family member or spouse, but some therapists are beginning to think that some aspects of bereavement and depression can be avoided if people move after someone dies or divorces. Many people have even moved after a dog dies. This seems odd to some people, but dogs have been integrated in some people’s lives. Some people find that starting over in a new location can help significantly. Relocation therapy is growing in popularity and is worth exploring with a progressive therapist to determine if it is the right move for you. If it is for you, your life will improve, and you will develop richer relationships that are lasting, and the feelings of depression will subside This information was written by Ken Torrino, web relations for Elliman, brokers for New York City real estate.


Enzo Calamo Is A Best Selling Author

Enzo Calamo is the Best Selling co-author of "How To Create Infinite Returns In Real Estate Using The Secret Asset: How To Recover All Business and Personal Expenses Using The Secret Asset" This is a must read for every affluent investor.

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