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Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way.

The purpose of human life – Albert Schweitzer

Your path is more difficult if you have a higher calling

Your path is more difficult if you have a higher calling

Your path is more difficult if you have a higher calling

Definition of Hell

Definition of Hell


When you discover your path, you will have all the energy and imagination that you will ever need – Sara Teasdale

When you discover your path, you will have all the energy and imagination that you will ever need – Sara Teasdale



Your purpose and passion reside in your heart, not your dreams

Your purpose and passion reside in your heart, not your dreams



Book Excerpt: Wealth and the Will of God by Paul G. Schervish and Keith Whitaker

‘What is wealth, how do we recognize it, and what is it for? How do we undersand it in the context of faith, which assigns ultimacy to God alone? These are some of the broader questions the story poses, and they are the focus of this book. To explore answers, we consider six great theologians, philosophers, and spiriitual leaders and their thoughts on life and wealth, especially how riches can serve ultimate purposes. The book does consider the nature of giving and spending money via consuming, tithing, or other means, but its scope goes beyond philanthropy. Those topics are examined as they relate more to the meaning and purpose of life for people of faith.

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Finding Meaning and Purpose

Two of the most important questions we all ask ourselves are:

Why am I here?

“What is the meaning and purpose of my life?”

At Lugen Family Office, we will be sharing with you many thoughts from our research into these questions. So let’s begin.

We believe that your life is your Ultimate Gift. To paraphrase my friend, Jim Stovall, you find meaning in life by discovering your unique abilities and you discover your purpose in life by sharing your gifts with others.

Australian Matthew Kelly, author of The Rhythm of Life, says that the essential meaning and purpose of life is to become “the best version of yourself.” We hear a similar message from Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Live each day with passion and share your gift with the world. This is the only way you can make a difference in the world and fulfill your life purpose.

The 5 P’s on the Journey from Success to Significance

I am not a huge fan of shortcuts to explain complicated topics since it often results in individuals or families missing key distinctions, exceptions to the rules, and potential risks. Nevertheless, our brains like to learn by this methodology so as an intro to this topic, I will describe a process that most of us have already used in our lives on this journey. I call this the 5 P’s on the Journey from Success to Significance.

1) Presentiment
Through our thoughts, feelings, surrounding events, our relationships, present circumstances, or inner spirit, we discover an aspiration of something we need or want to do in the future. This usually becomes the motivating force that moves us forward on our journey.

2) Planning
Through strategic and tactical planning, we begin laying out the vision and mission of the journey. Then we begin a more in-depth discovery process of the various options, tools, and resources required for us to complete our journey.

3) Productivity
Every journey begins with a single step forward. Action is required for us to fulfill our journey. By utilizing our unique abilities, our networks, our finances, and leveraging other resources, the time frame of this journey may be shortened or lengthened. Of course, we need to monitor the outcomes being created since our activities or market conditions may be moving us closer or further away from our dreams on a daily basis.

4) Profitability
As we focus our energies on success, we typically measure the results by things such as money, net worth, market share, position, return on investment, or effective use of our time (in regard to time, think of Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi). We all want to achieve some form of success since it enables us to experience our dreams and fulfill our Bucket List.

5) Purpose
At some point on our journey, it is important to realize that we are human beings and not human doings. Also, money, fame, power, and things are short term elixirs on the journey. If life was really about these things, and we work so hard to achieve them, then we should be able to bring them with us after we die. This is an impossible feat. Therefore, a better approach is to be a good steward of the blessing in our lives. By discovering our true purpose in life, we will find fulfillment and leave a sustainable and positive legacy for ourselves and our family.

On this journey from success to significance, George Kinder suggests we ask three important questions:

a) If money and time were no obstacle, what would you want to do, have, and experience in your life? (Create your Bucket List of what you would like to accomplish here on Earth on a holistic basis)
b) If you went to your Doctor and discovered that you had a rare disease which allowed you only three years to live, however the disease would allow you to remain healthy until the very end, what would you do with your time remaining? How would you spend it with your loved ones and friends? What legacy would you want to leave for your family or business?
c) If your Doctor said you only had 48 hours to live, what regrets would you have about your life?

On a daily basis, I recommend that we all reflect on the following:

i) Be consciously aware of yourself and your surroundings;
ii) Remember what you are grateful for;
iii) Review what happened in your day. Did you do the most important things first;
iv) Ask for forgiveness for things that you did wrong. Make a decision to reconcile with someone you have hurt;
v) Prepare yourself for tomorrow by becoming aware of the next day.

I wish for all our members: happiness, success, significance, prosperity, love, joy, many blessings, and great health on your journey in life.