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  • Unleashing the Power of Philosophy | Patrick Gentempo

    Unleashing the Power of Philosophy | Patrick Gentempo   Maybe you should think about philosophy in a new way? In this talk, Dr. Patrick Gentempo discusses one’s own personal philosophy and the importance of examining and applying one to your life. Dr. Patrick Gentempo is sometimes referred to as the “Philosopher/Entrepreneur” as he brings the foundations of what he refers to as ‘applied philosophy’ to health, money, capitalism, and value creation. His ideas for the practical role of philosophy in human achievement and the importance of the mind and creative ideas has led him to a wide variety of platforms throughout the world. He was selected to give testimony to the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and additionally was invited by NASA to give testimony in front of members of congress about health related technology.

  • There is No Such Thing as Objective Reality: Jay Black

    There is No Such Thing as Objective Reality: Jay Black Jay Black is a professor at Mercer University’s Center for Collaborative Journalism. He has a passion for truth and journalism, but he realizes that these things do not always work well together.  

  • Engineering Happier People: Dylan Jorgensen

    Engineering Happier People: Dylan Jorgensen How communities can use “The Hero’s Journey” to help their citizens find purpose, accelerate luck & engineer happiness.

  • Consciousness & the Brain: John Searle

    Consciousness & the Brain: John Searle John Searle one of the world’s great philosophers of mind and language, has spent fifty years stimulating thinking around the world. What he says about consciousness as a biological phenomenon will challenge you! Cogitation, Consciousness & The Brain.  

  • Caring Quotes

    Caring Quotes “Being rich of heart makes you wealthy beyond compare.” Rodney Williams (born 1959) “Loving parents have caring children.” Chinese Proverb “One must care about a world one will not see.” Bertrand Russell Philosopher, Mathematician (1872-1970) “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” Theodor Seuss Geisel Writer, Cartoonist, Animator (1904-1991)

  • Laura Snyder: The Philosophical Breakfast Club

    Laura Snyder: The Philosophical Breakfast Club In 1812, four men at Cambridge University met for breakfast. What began as an impassioned meal grew into a new scientific revolution, in which these men — who called themselves “natural philosophers” until they later coined “scientist” — introduced four major principles into scientific inquiry. Historian and philosopher Laura Snyder tells their intriguing story. Laura Snyder weaves tales of Victorian-era scientists that have been described as “fit for Masterpiece Theater.” WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO HER? A work of history should be more than a collection of happenings, at least from Laura Snyder’s perspective. The Fulbright Scholar, historian of science and professor of philosophy at St. John’s University believes histories should aim not only to tell a story, but also to transport a reader through time. Snyder’s work presents three-dimensional characters that readers connect with. Her most recent book, The Philosophical Breakfast Club, traces the friendship of four 19th-century scientists who met at Cambridge: Charles Babbage (mathematics and computing), William Whewell (math economics), John Herschel (astronomy and photography) and Richard Jones (economy). Inspired by Francis Bacon‘s ideas, they coined the word “scientist” and were central in transforming science from the province of the amateur (practitioners were until then called “natural philosophers”) to a professional system.  

  • Excellence is not an act but a habit – Aristotle

    Excellence is not an act but a habit – Aristotle

  • Bruce Muzik – The BIG Secret Nobody Wants To Tell

    Bruce Muzik – The BIG Secret Nobody Wants To Tell Bruce Muzik presents a riveting talk about the devastating impact that withholding secrets can have on our lives and what to do about it.   Bruce Muzik is a world class trainer and speaker. He is known as the “white man that lived for 6 months in a black ghetto” in post-apartheid South Africa.   His passion is having people experience unprecedented freedom and happiness, through being Authentic.  


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