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President’s Letter, January 2013 International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy

As 2013 begins, we, as Co-Presidents of AiP, would like to wish everyone a Happy and prosperous New Year. As we look back on 2012, it can honestly be said that this past year has been a transformative year for AiP. The year brought with it:1) New Co-Presidents;2) New Logo;3) New tagline – Transforming Philanthropy through Collaboration

4) New four circle model to better clarify our membership:

  • Philanthropists and Donors;
  • Foundations, key employees and Board Members of nonprofits who help bring in charitable gifts;
  • Professionals, Planned Giving experts, and Financial Advisors;
  • Resource Providers to the Philanthropic world, such as the CAP designation of American College.

5) New website;

6) New Collaboratory;

7) New Ambassadors of AiP;

8) New Council of Past Presidents;

9) New Sponsorship model;

10) New Conference location for 2013;

11) New Ambassador to China for AiP;

12) First time International President;

13) New Social Media tools on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

14) New administrative team;

15) New back office system;

16) New address in Chicago;

17) New AiP Chapter development;

18) New member polls on AiP initiatives;


Although these new initiatives were exciting to implement on behalf of our AiP members, it took a lot of energy on the part of the AiP Board and the AiP Committees to implement these transformative changes. On behalf of all AiP’s membership, we would like to thank these hard working volunteers for their countless hours.

If 2012 can be called a transformational year for AiP, 2013 will be a major Impact Year for AiP and its members. In the new year, our Association will be embarking on some major initiatives that will Transform Philanthropy through Collaboration:

1) In September, 2013, AiP will be creating a new Philanthropic Supplement that will be appearing in both Trust and Estate magazine and Registered Rep magazine;

2) Our 2013 Conference has been expanded to include more high quality speakers and NEW special tracks on technical topics, legacy planning, Collaboration, and Spirituality and Philanthropy. Furthermore, an optional Community Service program will be offered for AiP members who want to be actively involved in giving back to the Las Vegas community on the first morning of the Conference.

3) In collaboration with AiP Foundation and our AiP Ambassador to China, AiP is in negotiations with government officials in China about the possibility of holding a two-day Symposium in 2013 on how East and West can collaborate on bringing the Philanthropic message around the world.

4) Early in 2013, our AiP Ambassador to China will travel to China to discuss the possibility of opening up our first International Chapter in Beijing.

5) AiP is in discussions with Social Venture Partners, American College, AiP Foundation, and NAEPC Foundation about collaborating on some impactful joint initiatives in 2013.

6) AiP intends to hold its first major fundraising event, a Charitable Poker tournament at our Las Vegas Conference.

7) AiP is looking into new tools and systems to better communicate with our members on an ongoing basis in 2013.

8) A new Chapter in the Box program will be launched in the New Year so that AiP can more rapidly expand into local communities.

9) A Board Retreat will be held immediately after our Las Vegas Conference to formalize AiP’s commitment to these new initiatives. The Past President Council will also be invited to attend this AiP Board retreat so that the new Board can access their wisdom on how to effectively move forward with these major initiatives.


We look forward to serving you and to bringing you more value than ever before in the new year.

Have a fantastic start to 2013.


Enzo Calamo, AiP President

Natalia Kabbe, AiP President


Tony Robbins – 2013 New Year – New Life

Tony Robbins – 2013 New Year – New Life


2013 so fantastic that even the Mayans didn’t see it coming

2013 so fantastic that even the Mayans didn’t see it coming



A Canadian Blessing For The New Year

A Canadian Blessing For The New Year


May you always believe in yourself


May your family and friends always love you

wallpaper winniethepooh images house paper

May you use your talents to make a difference in the world


May your life be full of laughter


May all your dreams come true


May you be remembered as The Great One


May you live a long and healthy life


May your life be full of happiness and fun


May you accumulate, grow, and preserve your GOLD

Ice Hockey - Men's Gold Medal Game - Day 17