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  • How education lost its role as the great equalizer – Reuters Investigates

    How education lost its role as the great equalizer – Reuters Investigates Get a good education, get a good job. That’s the promise. But it no longer works that way. Two students in Massachusetts, one in Gardner, one in Weston, show how the growing income gap is affecting the nation’s school systems.  

  • Neil Barofsky on UBS Criminal Charges for LIBOR and HSBC Money Laundering Wrist Slap

    Neil Barofsky on UBS Criminal Charges for LIBOR and HSBC Money Laundering Wrist Slap Welcome to Capital Account. UBS is expected to pay as much as 1.6 billion dollars to settle charges of Libor rigging with US, UK, and Swiss authorities, according to Bloomberg. The settlement is over alleged rigging of the yen Libor interest rate starting in 2007. However, unlike a majority of recent bank settlements where the banks neither admit to nor deny the allegations, the Japanese subsidiary of UBS will reportedly plead guilty to a criminal charge. In addition, about three dozen bankers and senior managers will reportedly be implicated in the alleged rigging. There have already been a few arrests, but not all the implicated bankers will face criminal or civil charges. The Financial Times reports that even with an admission of guilt, UBS will not lose its ability to conduct business in Japan. We talk to former Special Inspector General of TARP and author of “Bailout,” Neil Barofsky, about what an admission of guilt would mean for too big to fail banks. Plus, prosecutors recently decided not to indict HSBC for money laundering, as government officials were reportedly concerned over the repercussions to the financial system. This according to the New York Times. Instead, last week HSBC announced it had agreed to pay 1.9 billion dollars in penalties. Our guest, Neil Barofsky, believes that there should have been criminal charges, and not just fines, for HSBC’s involvement with money laundering for drug cartels. We talk to Neil Barofsky about why we didn’t see a stronger response from authorities and what message this sends to other big banks. And recently we have seen headlines proclaiming “More States Dig into Libor Scandal,” but why are states and cities going after banks for manipulating Libor? The issue stems from the municipalities’ use of interest rate swaps, tied to Libor, to hedge risk on bond interest payments. But what exactly is an interest rate swap? Lauren breaks it down in today’s “Word of the Day.” Plus, as expected, the main opposition-leader in Japan, Shinzo Abe, was elected Prime Minister yesterday. He has big plans for the Bank of Japan, including doubling its inflation target to 2 percent and calling for unlimited easing. Lauren and Demetri discuss the potential results of “Abenomics” in today’s “Loose Change.”  


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