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  • “Innate” – One Word That Changes Everything, Baron A Rohbock

    Are leaders born or made? I have the answer! Baron A Rohbock   Baron graduated with honors in Business Administration and Leadership. With a passion for training and working with teams, he entered the Learning and Development field as Director of Training for Taylor Hartman, author of The People Code (previously published as The Color Code). With a wide breadth of knowledge in leadership, Baron returned to the training industry to combine first hand management and executive leadership experience with a passion for working with people to shape results while revealing individual and collective talent. In 2011 he started Core MotivAction, an innovative brilliant training company dedicated to people and team development.

  • Transcendental Leadership: GK Jayaram

    Transcendental Leadership: GK Jayaram Dr.G.K. Jayaram is the founder–Director of the Institute of Leadership & Institutional Development at Bangalore. He is the Chief Mentor, Jawaharlal Nehru Leadership Institute, New Delhi and was the first Chairman of Infosys Technologies.  

  • 8 steps to leadership excellence: Kanishka Sinha

    8 steps to leadership excellence: Kanishka Sinha Mr. Sinha passed out from ISB in 2003 and has worked in companies like Arthur Anderson and HUL before founding Stillwater consulting. Stillwater Consulting is a corporate training firm that specializes in leadership development and organizational effectiveness.  

  • Showing up for leadership… Ta Dah!: Bruce Avolio

    Showing up for leadership… Ta Dah!: Bruce Avolio Transformational leadership is of importance in Bruce Avolio’s thinking. Particularly around development, but also generally in terms of thinking about leadership that changes people, organizations and societies. Bruce Avolio has worked a lot with leaders in an extreme context. Whether it’s a financial trader who could make a decision that could cost their organization a hundred million dollars, or members of military units, police, SWAT or firefighters. Avolio stresses on a leader’s ability to reduce uncertainty, partly by realizing that one likely doesn’t have all the information needed. As a leader you should also build up a pretty strong and coherent unit, because when “the going gets tough” they have to feel comfortable to challenge you by giving you information that perhaps you’re not ready to receive, but you need to receive. A lot of things contribute to how well a leader performs when the extreme conditions set in. How authentic is the leader? How transparent? Are they someone that followers trust? Are they a cement head or are they somebody who has big ears and listens to people? Are they people who ask questions as opposed to provide statements? Are they ethical or not? Are they abusive or not?  

  • Human Investment Leadership™ – Revolutionizing Your Company’s Competitive Edge™

    Human Investment Leadership™ – Revolutionizing Your Company’s Competitive Edge™ With all the college courses, books, seminars, blogs, articles, and speeches on Leadership, “How successful are today’s Leaders?” According to the Gabriel Institute: • 60% of Company Failures are due to People Problems. My observation is that 100% of companies have had or currently have people problems. Is that a leadership issue? • Actively Engaged Employees Make Up Less Than 1/3 of the Workforce. Does that mean two thirds of the workforce are not following the leader and not helping the company compete? Is that a leadership issue? Human Investment Leadership™ is the NEW Paradigm for Company Leadership.  

  • What impact will new Chinese leadership have on you

    What impact will new Chinese leadership have on you  

  • The Ten Habits Of Leadership Development

    The Ten Habits Of Leadership Development Ossie Mills talks to us about habits that promotes leadership development.  

  • Leadership 4.0: a brave new approach for a new generation

    Leadership 4.0: a brave new approach for a new generation Leadership 4.0: a brave new approach for a new generation Since the Industrial Revolution, organizations have, in turn, been subjected primarily to three forms of leadership (Production-oriented, Quality-oriented, and Opportunity-oriented), none of which will provide the necessary guidance, influence and inspiration needed by the next generation of organizations. To excel in the future, leaders will need extraordinary capacity to learn, facilitate, coach and communicate in whole new ways. In this highly-engaging workshop, Jim Boneau will give participants a fascinating look into the challenging future that leaders will face complete with amorphous organization structures, radical new forms of teams and transitory working arrangements. Most importantly, he will discuss the leadership development strategies and approaches that companies will need to employ in order to create the vibrant, adaptable organizations required to survive and thrive in the future. Learning Objectives Participants will: 1. Gain an understanding of the evolving nature of organizations and leadership, 2. Learn the skills, competencies and abilities that successful leaders of the future will require, and 3. Increase their ability to design an overall leadership development plan based upon the expected demands on leaders in the future.  


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