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Billionaire Advice by Richard Branson and Michael Dell

Billionaire Advice by Richard Branson and Michael Dell

Les Brown – It’s Possible (3 of 5)

In Fight For Your Dreams! bestselling author and motivational speaker Les Brown presents 31 inspiring true stories of people just like you who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds, harrowing experiences and decades of self-doubt to fulfill their dreams. Reading these stories will give you the courage to answer your calling; they will sustain you when are weary; and when you’re down they will empower you to get back up and fight, fight, fight for your dreams until you’re living them.

Whether you’re just beginning or have been trying for years, whether you have always believed in yourself or gave up long ago, whether you have all the support one could hope for or none at all, you can – and you WILL – realize your dreams. Fight For Your Dreams! is all the evidence you need.

About Les Brown:

Les Brown is a distinguished authority on harnessing human potential. A top motivational speaker, speech coach, radio host and bestselling author, his straight-from-the-heart passionate message motivates audiences to create a larger vision for their lives and fight for their dreams.

Born in an abandoned building in Miami, Florida, and raised in poverty, Brown rose from a hip-talking morning DJ to become an award-winning, premier keynote speaker for Fortune 500 companies and organizations all over the world. He is the recipient of the National Speaker Association’s highest honors: the Council of Peers Award of Excellence and The Golden Gavel; and his PBS program “You Deserve” was awarded a Chicago-area Emmy. Brown teaches people how to unwrap their “infinite greatness” in his books, Live Your Dreams and It’s Not Over Until You Win, and on his nationally syndicated talk show.