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The Marriage Youve Always Wanted – Guest: Dr. Gary Chapman – Host, Dr. Freda V. Crews

The Marriage Youve Always Wanted – Guest: Dr. Gary Chapman – Host, Dr. Freda V. Crews – Part 1

With the expert wisdom and practical common sense that have made him a popular speaker worldwide, Dr. Chapman helps couples with such questions as: Why won’t my spouse change? What does it really mean to love someone else? How do I get him to listen to me? What if I’m the only one working at the marriage? Formerly titled Toward a Growing Marriage, Dr. Chapman covers topics like meaningful communication, expectations, and money management. Questions at the end of each chapter encourage interaction between husbands and wives. Includes an updated resource list at the end of the book.

The Marriage Youve Always Wanted – Part 2 – Guest: Dr. Gary Chapman – Host, Dr. Freda Crews



Leadership a “Human Skill”

Leadership a “Human Skill”

Thiry had to develop vibrant culture in order to survive. The community came first, and success followed.


Biblical Wealth – Tim McCarty TBN Video Part 1

The Bible declares that the “wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just” (Proverbs Christians do NOT know what “wealth” is. So, even if God wanted to give the wealth of the sinner to the just – most of the “just” would NOT be able to recognize it. That creates a problem. This video discusses the issue, along with other related topics regarding biblical wealth.


Breakthrough with Tony Robbins – Episode 2 – Death of Fear – Blame, Shame & the Real Game

The Story of Ron & Marie

It’s an all too familiar story these days… You’re living a life that was seemingly perfect with a six-figure job and a beautiful family. Then 2008 hits, your company downsizes and you’re suddenly laid off. You spend your life savings trying to start a business that fails in the downturn economy. Your marriage comes crashing down under the stress and instead of being partners during the crisis you turn to blaming each other. Is it possible to rebuild your relationship, find happiness and achieve financial success once again?

What is a Breakthrough?

A breakthrough is a moment in time when the impossible becomes possible. When something happens that shapes you, that moves you. Maybe you meet someone that inspires you. Maybe it’s a tool or a strategy that you learn. Maybe you finally get so fed up you won’t settle for the life that you have any more. It’s when something inside of you clicks and everything changes. You take massive action and you transform your life.


Jenna McCarthy: What you don’t know about marriage

In this funny, casual talk from TEDx, writer Jenna McCarthy shares surprising research on how marriages (especially happy marriages) really work. One tip: Do not try to win an Oscar for best actress.

Jenna McCarthy writes about relationships, marriage and parenting.