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Building Your Family Business Dynasty Group 


Lugen Family Office believes that it is through sharing unique abilities with others that we make a difference in the world and fulfill our life purpose.


If you are interested in networking with, learning from, and sharing ideas with 3,100+ Executives, CEOs, Family Business Owners, Professional Advisors, Affluent and Ultra High Net Worth families then become a member of our private Building a Family Business Dynasty Group today. Please click here to join!


Building a Family Business Dynasty is one of the largest and most active Family Business Groups in the world focussed  on Family Business, Wealth Management, Estate Planning, Leadership, Business Succession Planning, Strategic Philanthropy, Team Management, Family Dynamics, Culture Development, Governance, and Legacy Planning.



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Lugen Family Office is a global leader in social media

Lugen Family Office’s website has had over 5,000,000 views. Enzo’s Klout score hovers above 60. And we reach well over 1,000,000+ people a month with our various social media posts, including tens of thousands of Executives, CEOs, Family Business Owners, Professional Advisors, and Affluent and Ultra High Net Worth families. JOIN THE MOVEMENT TODAY!!!!!!




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