3Time is like a river


Begun in March 2013, Lugen Family Office is a founder and proud supporter of the Center for Family Conversations. Affectionately known as “CFC,” the Center for Family Converstaions is a faith-based resource center that provides the integral tools and ideas in helping families establish a 100-year-plus Family Legacy Plan.



Committed to reversing the infamous “90% Rule”—which is that 90% of families lose their wealth by the third generation—the CFC offers families access to industry leaders in key planning categories, helping them build their legacy for generations to come.


Under the guidance of an experienced advocate within the Lugen Family Office Network, families will develop a Family Narrative that links spiritual and relational elements with their generational planning. 

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“The actions you take today not only impact you; they influence generations. Every matter matters for eternity.”

~ Dillon Burroughs

Written by industry experts, and co-sponsored by Ambassador EnterprisesCamelot PortfoliosKingdom Advisors, and National Christian Foundation, unHeritage – 11 Pitfalls to Family Legacy and How to Avoid Them empowers readers as they gain a stronger perspective of family wealth transfer as it relates to areas including:


• Family Brand Equity
• Overcoming generational disconnect
• Investing in legacy
• Goal congruity
• And much more!