Be Your Own Family Bank

What If....

What if you knew about a place where you could invest your money and still be able to use your money at the same time without no loss of interest?

What if your money could grow on a tax deferred basis?

What if you were told this secure and safe place to grow your money has been around for over 200 years and has been used by affluent families, prosperous business owners, large corporations, and even bankers on a daily basis?

What if the process to accomplish all this was very simple and easy to access?

Understanding How Infinite Banking Works 

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Is it necessary to RISK your money in order to grow it?

That’s what the conventional wisdom would have you believe. However, several recent studies have revealed some startling facts that Wall Street and Bay Street are praying that you don’t discover:

  • The typical equity investor has only earned 3.79% annually for the past 30 years, beating inflation for that period by less than 1% a year! Asset allocation and fixed income investors actually lost ground when factoring in inflation (Source: DALBAR 2015 Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior)
  • A survey by the Federal Reserve showed that an unexpected expense of just $400 would force the majorityof American families to borrow money or to have to sell something to cover it, leaving most families “extraordinarily vulnerable” to financial setbacks
  • Four out of five mutual funds and investment advisory services under perform the overall market over the long term (Source: The Hulbert Financial Digest)
  • Wall Street lost more than 49% of the typical investor’s money – TWICE – just since the year 2000! As a result, 72% of baby boomers believe they’ll be forced to postpone retirement, and half have little confidence they’ll ever be able to retire. (Source: AARP “Anxiety Index” Survey)

Understanding How Interest Works 

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The 5 Key Benefits Of Being Your Own Family Bank...

    1. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from steady, predictable growth, year in and year out. You’ll always know the minimum guaranteed value of your retirement account on the day you’ll want to tap into it… and at every point along the way.
    1. Bypass banks, finance and credit card companies altogether by becoming your own source of financing for cars, vacations, a college education, starting a business and more. Get the money you need when you need it – simply by asking for it. In fact, famous people like Walt Disney, Ray Kroc and J.C. Penney used this method to start or grow their businesses when no bank would lend them a dime.
    1. Access the money in your plan – You can take money from your plan – whether you use it for purchases or investments – and have your money continue to grow just as if you never took it out! Caution: Only a handful of companies offer this feature, which is why Lugen Family Office works with our family bank expert, Alberto Storelli.
    1. A better way to save and pay for college
    1. An incredible way to live your life to the fullest while building a nest egg for your dreams

Featured Strategic Network Expert:  Alberto Storelli

Alberto Storelli is the best selling author of a Private Banking System For Canadians, which ranked number one on Amazon’s best-selling list in Personal Finance. Alberto is also a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (“MDRT”), which means that he is recognized internationally for providing exemplary client service with the highest standards of ethics and professional knowledge in the financial industry. Furthermore, Alberto has qualified for several years for MDRT’s top qualification, ‘Top of the Table” which represents the best financial advisors in the world. Lugen Family Office works closely with Alberto, who is a certified Bank on Yourself expert, to provide our clients with innovative strategies on how to convert their expenses into guaranteed income.

Alberto is married and a proud father of two children. He earned his Bachelor of Economics from the University of British Columbia and has 17 years experience in the financial and estate planning industry.