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Welcome to Lugen Family Office. You are about to enter the most informative UHNW portal, with gold award curated content, in the family office world.

By collaborating with Lugen Family Office, you can now align your family and business with a values based family office. Access our unique Seven Generation Legacy Process, best of class resources, and our global network of highly respected strategic partners to fulfill your life purpose and leave a positive legacy. 

"LFO", as we are affectionately known, ​can help you on your journey from success to significance. 

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Our Value Proposition Is Simple:

  1. We utilize a proprietary process to rapidly expand your personal, family, and business vision and capabilities.
  2. We share with you core principles utilized within our network of UHNW families and multi-generational businesses so that you can easily duplicate positive results quickly.
  3. We work with your existing team of advisors, while tapping into the strengths of Lugen Family Office’s network, so that you can save time and money while achieving your goals in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.
  4. We enhance communication and productivity among your family members, business colleagues, and professionals by discovering, and re-aligning, everyone’s unique abilities so that behaviours are appropriate for achieving your tactical and strategic plans.
  5. We customize our services and resources to meet your specific family and business needs.

Customize Our Private Family Office Services To Meet Your Needs

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There is not just one definition of a family office. A family office can be a single-family office, a multi-family office, or even a virtual family office. A single-family office typically supports only one family while a multi-family office supports at least two families. As Lugen Family Office is an independent family office, we realize that each family and business is unique! Therefore, we offer several customized family office solutions to meet your specific needs. Some examples of how Lugen Family Office can assist your family and business:

1) Organizing and Operating Your Single Family Office

Typically for UHNW families worth $250 million plus and seeking to empower a family dynasty.

The Benefits That We Provide:

Our Seven Generation Legacy Process will allow you to:

  • Align your current financial affairs with your most important values
  • Empower your wealth over multiple generations
  • Utilize each family member’s unique abilities to fulfill the family’s agreed upon mission and vision
  • Access strategic advice when necessary about economic, market, or legislative changes
  • Gain confidence that your wealth will be wisely utilized as you intended
  • Engage us to mentor your heirs where necessary
  • Have peace of mind that the transition of your wealth will occur responsibly

2) Become part of our Multi Family Office Network

Typically For UHNW families worth $100 million plus that want a "Chief Legacy Officer" to oversee and manage their true wealth.

The Benefits That We Provide:

By partnering with Lugen Family Office, we help you integrate your values and your assets so that you can move from success to significance. Our family office will help you:

  • Review and organize your financial affairs to assist you with major financial decisions. We take a holistic approach to values based planning.
  • Gain access to well established third party money managers to assist you with your investment portfolio
  • Learn about our private off market deals
  • Have peace of mind that your assets will never be held within Lugen Family Office. You will always remain in control of your own assets, which will be held with independent third party custodians.

3) Take your business to the next level with a Business Family Office

Typically For  businesses with an business EBITDA of $5 million plus that requires business succession, governance, and guidance on all financial and ownership matters.

The Benefits That We Provide:

By collaborating with Lugen Family Office, you will:

  • Have confidence
  • that we will work alongside your existing management, and your other professionals, to meet your goals
  • Educate various family members to understand your family ownership structures and financial statements
  • Gain access to Lugen Family Office’s network of experts on business, family, and culture issues
  • Better manage any family conflicts
  • Train the next generation on leadership and succession plans so as to empower your family business for multiple generations

4) Create your own private and confidential Virtual Family Office

Typically For HNW families worth $25 million plus, and successful businesses with an EBITDA of $2 million plus, that care about leaving a legacy.

The Benefits That We Provide:

On a project basis, you will:

  • Have access to our strategic network of experts that specialize in your area of interest
  • Gain confidence that your time, talents, and treasures are making a difference

How Do You Engage Lugen Family Office?

  • Tell us your story and your desired results.  Everything that you discuss with Lugen family Office will be private and confidential.
  • Whatever projects that we agree to work on together will be clearly identified in our Engagement Agreement as a Priority Project.
  • Establish your own family office through LFO

Creating a Sustainable Family Business

At Lugen Family Office, we understand that collaboration requires strong relationships. In order for your family office to be successful, the following core principles are the foundation of our work together:

1) Honesty about the known facts

2) Open Communication between approved parties on a per project basis

3) Respect of all parties involved in achieving your outcomes

4) Willingness to listen to others’ opinions

5) All final decisions with be made by you alone

Benefits of the Lugen Family Office Approach…

  • Advice is provided with an understanding of how specific objectives align with your family values
  • Services are offered to your entire ultra high net-worth family
  • Our process ensures that all advisors work together in a coordinated manner toward your goals and dreams based upon your core values.
  • Investments and risk management are treated as an integral component of your True Wealth so that you can preserve and grow your overall family net worth.
  • Save time and money through a coordinated project management approach that is based upon our unique collaboration model.