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Our service begins when we are formally invited into a person’s life. Lugen Family Office, and its strategic network, help individuals, families, professionals, and businesses take advantage of their most important opportunities while reducing, or eliminating, the associated risks. Our proprietary Seven Generation Planning Process has created positive results that build confidence within our client families and with their professionals.



Lugen Family Office has created an easy to use platform for our clients to use that allows access to our inter-disciplinary network PLUS our other personal, family, wealth, legacy, health, and business resources.


Check out our core services below…


1) Family Office Concierge Services

Are you tired of paying high fees to professionals simply because you are wealthy? Are you worried about how trustworthy the advice you are getting is from salespeople? Do you wonder if there is a more cost effective approach to managing your wealth?

Lugen Family Office offers a NEW Values Based Concierge Service which revolutionizes the Family Office concept by reducing costs, saving time, and addressing the unique needs of family businesses, executives, Board of Directors, professionals, families, and others….Click here.


2) Business Family Consigliere - Get a Private and Confidential Second Opinion

Lugen Family Office is the most trusted Consigliere to affluent business families. Using our innovative Seven Generation Legacy Process, business families, or family enterprises, can now build trust, improve communication, gain clarity on important leadership issues, and train the the next generation with their own private and confidential Consigliere. Succession planning, business transition planning, business exit planning, business financing, business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and leadership advice is now within your reach through Lugen Family Office….Click here.



3) Speaking Engagements and Training Programs

Lugen Family Office can help you coordinate a successful and productive Conference, family meeting, executive retreat, or Training Program. With access to Lugen Family Office and our Strategic Network, depending on their availability, you can now easily arrange exceptional meetings and training programs on numerous health, wealth, and relationship topics using our world class speakers….Click here.



4) Your “Luxury” and “Commercial” Real Estate Consultant

Luxury Home Buyers and Sellers demand a higher level of understanding in regards to local market conditions, personalized service, and negotiation skills when it comes to buying million and multi-million dollar properties.   You have a “private banker” but now you can have your own “personal real estate consultant”. Lugen Family Office works exclusively with top realtors, mortgage brokers, and real estate investment firms to collaborate with you to meet all your luxury and commercial real estate needs…..Click here.



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