Looking at Transformation through an Empirical Lens | Kelly Peters


We often speak of transformation as a magical thing; a holy grail of improvement. And yet, what is it? How do we know when we’ve attained it? People are not like water, transforming from a liquid to a vapour or a solid in a clearly measurable way – so how do we know when “it” has occurred in people. This talk is about a field experiment conducted at the Burning Man festival. In this research, we looked at how participants responded to unfair offers in an experimental economics Game. Perhaps surprisingly, participant behavior did not conform to previously published research. They were far more forgiving of unfair offers, possible evidence of the transformative nature of the Burning Man experience.

Kelly Peters is the CEO and CoFounder of BEworks, a cutting-edge think tank and management consulting firm on the forefront of applying behavioral science insights and methodologies to real-world challenges. The leadership team comprises business mavericks and brilliant academics including renowned behavioral economists Dan Ariely and Nina Mazar.