Dr. Lynne Kenney: Why Expectations Are Important

Dr. Lynne Kenney, a self-professed “nine year-old at heart,” recognizes that we live in a stressful world. She also believes that kids are resilient and forgiving, and that in the face of challenges, we can raise strong, independent children while living passionately and helping our children do the same. A clinician and an educator, Dr. Kenney talks about: Establishing and communicating values for our children; Setting boundaries; Getting out of the “control cycle”; Helping kids define themselves.

Dr. Kenney founded the multimedia franchise Real Time Moms, audiocasts the ModMom show, and hosts Baby Basics on BabyFirst tV. she has written for audiences from children to divorce court judges, and she has a busy clinical practice. she holds a doctorate in psychology from Pepperdine University and has trained at Harvard Medical School and UCLA Medical School.



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