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  • Do Parents Favor Boys When Saving For College?

    A child’s gender may presage how its parents will save for college education

    According to a survey of the parents of children aged 8 to 14 nationally sponsored by Baltimore-based T. Rowe Price, the parents of all boys are putting more emphasis on saving and funding college education than the parents of all girls.

    While 50 percent of the parents of all boys said they had saved for college expenses, only 39 percent of the parents of all girls said the same.

    “I think there’s a lack of understanding the big picture at work here in terms of the many issues girls will face growing up, not saving an equal amount or more for their girls leads directly to the pay disparity, the income disparity and the wealth gap faced by women in their careers,” says Jocelyn Wright, assistant professor of women’s studies at the Bryn Mawr, Pa.-based American College  “The lack of overall financial awareness compounds many of the stereotypes that affect men and women today.”

    Among parents of all boys, 83 percent report contributing on at least a monthly basis to college savings, compared to 70 percent of the parents of all girls.

    The survey focused on families of children of only one gender to map out how gender may be impacting parents’ decision making when it comes to educational finance.

    “If, today, you asked parents straight up on the street whether they’d pay more for a boy to go to school than they would for a girl, I don’t think you’d find anyone who would say yes,” says Jamie Hopkins, associate professor of taxation at The American College.


  • Map: How Many Hours Americans Need to Work to Pay Their Mortgage

    Every month, the average New Yorker needs 113.5 hours of work to pay down a mortgage, while in Memphis it’s just 18.4 hours.


  • 15 of the World’s Most Stunning Theaters – MyExpatsWorld

    By Kristin Hunt For some, a night at the theater sounds about as fun as sticking your hand in a…


  • Graeme Hart $265m superyacht Ulysses sold

    Ulysses, Kiwi billionaire Graeme Hart’s superyacht, has been sold.


  • What South Africa’s richest people are doing with their money

    Barclays Africa spoke to BusinessTech about the trends surrounding South Africa’s richest people – and there are still opportunities left in the country.


  • Billionaire Tom Barrack Throws Harvey Weinstein a Lifeline

    Billionaire investor Tom Barrack is circling the ultimate distressed asset in Hollywood: the movie studio co-founded by Harvey Weinstein.


  • Trump’s fortune drops to $3.1 billion, ties Snap’s Evan Spiegel on new Forbes 400 rich list

    President Donald Trump’s net worth fell by $600 million to $3.1 billion, according to Forbes.




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