• Bank of Canada Chief: Bitcoin Could Result in Monetary Policy ‘Struggle’

    Central banks would “struggle” to implement monetary policy if digital currencies become more widely used, according to a Bank of Canada official.

  • Bitcoin firm raises funding from Bain, New York Life, MasterCard

    DCG is currently building the largest early-stage investment portfolio in digital currencies and the blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin.

  • How Bitcoin Is Changing the Remittance Market

    The digital currency, Bitcoin, is slowly getting into the massive remittance market.

  • Bitcoin: More Than Just Money | Dug Campbell

    Bitcoin: More Than Just Money | Dug Campbell   Dug Campbell explains why Bitcoin is not just the money of the Internet, but it’s the Internet of money.   He has been avidly following the impact of technology on society since the late 90’s and he’s convinced that the cat’s out of the bag when it comes to digital currency. As well as working as Product Marketing Manager at Skyscanner, he writes on how digital networks continue to influence the modern world. Oh, and he’s pretty sure the robots are coming, but doesn’t want to give an exact date.

  • Bitcoin: Distributing Power & Trust | Eric Spano

    Bitcoin: Distributing Power & Trust | Eric Spano   Eric makes the case for distributed technologies and the advantages that they offer to finance, law and society as a whole.   Eric is a former public accountant that became heavily involved with digital currencies in 2012. He is actively involved in Canada’s Bitcoin community and serves as director of several NPOs while running a digital currency payment processor called Bylls.

  • Bitcoin and the Economic Singularity | Mark Jeffrey

    Bitcoin and the Economic Singularity | Mark Jeffrey   Many have heard of Bitcoin, but don’t know the way Bitcoin works, or it’s potential impact on the Economic World. The Author of “Bitcoin Explained Simply sorts out the rumors, misconceptions, and gossip.   Mark Jeffrey is an award-winning serial entrepreneur of innovative technology companies backed by Tier One investors. These include The Palace (sold to in 1998), Zero Degrees (sold to InterActive Corp/IAC in 2004), Mahalo (now, ThisWeekIn, and Glossi. He has authored five books, including the Max Quick series, published and optioned by Harper Collins. Mark consults as a technology co-founder to a portfolio of companies in tablets, mobile, digital media, social, crypto-currency and digital publishing.

  • The UK’s first Bitcoin ATM

    The UK’s first Bitcoin ATM   Buying coffee and scones with cryptocurrency: A coffee shop in London opened the country’s first Bitcoin ATM. 


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