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Share Your Life – Cathey Armillas

Share Your Life: Cathey Armillas


Cathey Armillas is known for giving her all in all she does. She stands as a living example that where you start in life doesn’t have to be your end. With rough beginnings, she learned at an early age that if you want something that is beyond your reach, you have to stand on your tippy toes and get it. Cathey applies her philosophy of Reciprocal Affinity, or more simply, “give love to get love” in both her life and career.

Author of the popular book, The Unbreakable Rules of Marketing: 9 ½ Ways to Get People to Love You, Cathey runs PURA (for Promotions Using Reciprocal Affinity), a highly successful marketing firm that practices what she preaches. She speaks all over the world, spreading her message to multinational corporations, advertising and media agencies, down to small groups and non-profit organizations. Oh, and she can throw a mean fast pitch too. 

The Magic of Words: What We Speak Is What We Create: Andrew Bennett

The Magic of Words: What We Speak Is What We Create: Andrew Bennett


Andrew Bennett is a Transformational Magician. He began his career as Ross Perot’s personal assistant and for over three decades he has been a leadership consultant and coach to organizations of all shapes and sizes around the world. A member of The Magic Circle, the oldest and most prestigious society of magicians in the world, Andrew uses magic to enable leaders to simplify and accelerate organizational transformation.


The virtues of gossip: Richard Weiner

The virtues of gossip: Richard Weiner – Lugen Family Office



Richard Weiner is the author of 23 books, including Webster’s New World Dictionary of Media and Communications, found in major libraries around the world, and Professional’s Guide to Public Relations Services, a textbook at many colleges.

The power of pictures and stories: Janine Underhill

The power of pictures and stories: Janine Underhill


janine underhill

As the visual storyteller of TEDxCrestmoorParkED, Janine Underhill kicked off the event by sharing the power of storytelling, how she believes we have 8 seconds to capture the hearts and minds of kids and challenged the audience to ask the provocative questions and to continue the journey of sharing stories from the event.


Listen to people who encourage you to do what is right in your heart

Let’s talk to each other

Harvard Business Review: #1 Key to Motivation

Harvard Business Review: #1 Key to Motivation


In a multi-year study, researchers at the Harvard Business School first asked 600 managers from dozens of different companies to rank the impact of five factors that are normally associated with motivation – recognition, incentives, support from managers and colleagues, clear goals and a sense of making progress. In this first phase of the study, recognition for good work was ranked by managers as the most important factor in motivation.

Silence is more powerful than the last word

Every word you speak has the power to hurt or heal

A lie spreads quickly

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