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  • Only 132 people can ‘afford’ to buy that 1,111-carat Botswanan diamond

    The recently unearthed Botswanan diamond is the second-largest in the world, and only a handful can dream of affording it.

  • Picasso Vs. Stocks – Guess Which One Outperformed?

    I look at the returns on Value and Dividend stocks and compare them to the return on Pablo Picasso’s 1955 oil canvas, Les Femmes d’Alger (Version “O”).

  • Billionaire’s art expert slams attack on Chinese collectors buying western masterpieces

    News website had suggested Chinese collectors buying foreigners works like a new form of the 19th-century opium trade

  • The $179 Million Picasso That Explains Global Inequality

    The supply of certain paintings is fixed, but the number of people with the riches to buy top-end art is rising.

  • The UK’s first Bitcoin ATM

    The UK’s first Bitcoin ATM   Buying coffee and scones with cryptocurrency: A coffee shop in London opened the country’s first Bitcoin ATM. 

  • The world’s most expensive stamp

    The world’s most expensive stamp   Auctioned off at a record-breaking price of $9.48 million, the British Guiana remains the envy of stamp collectors around the world. 

  • The Importance of Picking the Right Investor with Carl Showalter

    The Importance of Picking the Right Investor with Carl Showalter   A relatively recent phenomenon has complicated the investment landscape confronting the founder of the early stage company looking for funding. There used to be a time not too long ago when a founder had only two investor categories to choose from: angels or institutional VCs. Today, it is not that simple. The ecosystem of investors in the Bay Area includes angels, super angels, incubators and accelerators, corporate VCs, the institutional VC community (which itself has fragmented into side funds and specialties), crowdfunding, “demo” days, and the like. Even private equity firms and investment banking firms are coming “down market” to invest in startups, presenting the founder with a bewildering array of choices.   Our speaker, Carl Showalter, a partner at Opus Capital and an experienced investor with a long history in Silicon Valley, offers insights and wisdom on how a founder should think about the fundraising process. When is the right time to raise funding? How much money should the founder raise? What part of the investor ecosystem should a founder go to first? Is crowdfunding as good as it looks? What business models still require bootstrapping as a first step? When is the right time to bring in an institutional VC? 

  • Chris McKnett: The investment logic for sustainability

    Chris McKnett: The investment logic for sustainability   Sustainability is pretty clearly one of the world’s most important goals; but what groups can really make environmental progress in leaps and bounds? Chris McKnett makes the case that it’s large institutional investors. He shows how strong financial data isn’t enough, and reveals why investors need to look at a company’s environmental, social and governance structures, too. Chris McKnett helps institutional investors put money toward sustainable and socially-forward assets.    WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO HIM?   At State Street Global Advisors, Chris McKnett thinks deeply about how large investors, like banks, pension funds and endowments, can put their money in the right places — not just for better business, but for a better world. In his role as the head of State Street Global Advisors’ Environmental, Social and Governance Investing (ESG), McKnett develops sustainable-strategic products and integrates sustainability thinking directly into the investment process.


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