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Who We Are? The Values Based Family Office for

Business Families


Lugen Family Office is an independent, privately-owned family office which provides successful business families access to our unique Seven Generation Legacy Process and our global network of strategic partners. We act as the most trusted counsel for our clients, coordinating and managing the complexities of their family businesses, investments, and broader family affairs.


Lugen Family Office serves as the single point of contact for our clients on most issues related to their affairs.


Our relationship managers and business consultants are hands-on with each family and business so that we ‘get things done’. With strong emphasis on building a long-lasting relationship with each of our LFO families, we believe regular, ongoing communication is essential. And throughout the entire process, Lugen Family Office maintains absolute confidentiality with respect to our clients and their private information.


Lugen Family Office, and our Strategic Network, typically represent clients with a family net worth ranging from $25 million to a Billion dollars plus. 


Founded by our CEO Enzo Calamo, Lugen Family Office has quickly become a global leader in the family office industry.




Our Unique Process…

Shaping wealth for generations involves a unique approach and a different way of thinking.


We always begin with an investment of time with each client, their family, and their trusted network, to gain a holistic understanding of each client’s needs and objectives.


When a consensus has been reached on the most important priorities of the family and the business, then an agreed upon timeline for implementation is established between Lugen Family Office, our strategic network, and you. This enables Lugen Family Office, and our strategic network, to provide exceptional service, build productive relationships among team members, and keep focused on your long term vision. All of these factors contribute to the process of successfully shaping wealth.


Our four step process is described below




Discovery: Identify and think about the problem


The first phase begins by identifying mission, vision, values, and goals. This is called the Discovery phase! Our goal is to reveal and clarify any gaps between your desired destination and your current state.






Creative Solutions: Think about the solution

The second phase is the Creative Solutions phase. In this phase we collaborate and discuss the best options available between your team and our strategic network to determine how to quickly close the planning gaps that have been identified.







Strategy Deployment: Implement the solution

The third phase is the Strategy Deployment phase. In this phase we implement the solutions specifically designed to close any gaps to accomplish your desired outcomes.  





Results Management: Governance

The final phase is the Results Management phase. In this phase, the objective is to have a plan in place to manage and sustain the desired results while providing you with the confidence and peace of mind that your legacy plan will work over time.



Lugen Family Office is your strategic partner in bringing together world class experts, tacticians, and strategists, along with other appropriate resources, to inspire you to live your life with passion, productivity, profitability, and purpose.



Lugen Family Office’s Core Values



Independent and Objective Advice


As an independent family office, Lugen Family Office is free to look objectively at the best options for our clients. Our recommendations are based on unbiased analysis of opportunities, risks, and each individual’s circumstances.


Because we have no proprietary products of our own to promote, we are free to put forward the most appropriate solutions.


Unlike many of our peers, we are free to work with our clients’ existing team, professional advisers, insurance and investment managers. As a consequence, we can provide guidance and recommendations on wealth structuring, business succession, estate planning, risk management, legacy planning, and alternative investment strategies regardless of where your assets are located.



Personal Commitment to Each Project

personal commitment

The real value of Lugen Family Office lies in our personal service and our values based, holistic approach. Our clients receive individual time and attention from our network of experts from across a variety of disciplines.


Our emphasis is helping you achieve your dreams and goals by prioritizing each relevant next step. We treat every project as if it was our own. As we are helping you build a dynasty, we only work with a highly respected and sustainable strategic network.


Strong Family Values

strong family values

Our Family Office logo stands for “significance, unity, and integrity.” We believe these core elements are necessary for sustaining a family dynasty over centuries, even as the nature of your family or business may change.


Being a family business ourselves, we understand the sensitivities that surround family businesses, family governance and succession planning.


We know the key issues that need to be addressed so we collaborate with you to plan for future generations.



Enhanced Intellectual Capital Through Collaboration


Each of our clients has access to the unique knowledge and experience of Lugen Family Office’s Inner Circle where appropriate. This includes real estate professionals, senior investment bankers, tax lawyers, psychologists, mediators, and some of the world’s most sought-after family business specialists.


Meticulous attention to detail and intellectual prowess is the hallmark of Lugen Family Office. We always look for customized solutions to your particular needs. 




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