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Who We Are

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The Values Based Family Office for

Business Families


Lugen Family Office is a values based Family Office that helps empower business family dynasties. We collaborate with affluent families and successful businesses to help them move from success to significance.



Our Unique Process…

Shaping wealth for generations involves a unique approach and a different way of thinking.


We always begin with an investment of time with each client, their family, and their trusted network, to gain a complete understanding of each client’s needs and objectives.


To shape wealth effectively requires great confidence and experience. We draw on the heritage of our significant business families, plus our strategic network, to guide you in taking a long-term perspective of your family’s wealth across many generations.


We commit to each project as if it were our very own. This enables Lugen Family Office to provide exceptional service, build productive relationships, and stay involved for the long term. All of these factors contribute to the process of successfully shaping wealth. Our four step process is described below!


discovery process

Discovery: Identify and think about the problem

The first phase begins by identifying vision and goals. This is called the Discovery phase and this is where we identify your vision, mission, and goals to gain clarity around the current planning gaps.




creative solutions


Creative Solutions: Think about the solution

The second phase is the Creative Solutions phase. In this phase we collaborate and discuss solutions to close the planning gaps that have been identified.




strategy deployment

Strategy Deployment: Implement the solution

The third phase is the Strategy Deployment phase. In this phase we implement the solutions specifically designed to close any gaps necessary to accomplish your goals.




results management

Results Management: Manage the results

The final phase is the Results Management phase. In this phase we established a plan to manage and sustain the results, providing you the confidence that your plan will work over time.


Lugen Family Office is your strategic partner in bringing together world class experts, tacticians, and strategists, along with other appropriate resources, to inspire you to live your life with passion, productivity, profitability, and purpose.




Lugen Family Office’s Core Values



Independent and Objective Advice


As an independent family office, Lugen Family Office is free to look objectively at the best options for our clients. Our recommendations are based on unbiased analysis of opportunities, risks, and each individual’s circumstances.


Because we have no proprietary products of our own to promote, we are free to put forward the most appropriate solutions.


Unlike many of our peers, we are free to work with our clients’ existing advisers and investment managers. As a consequence, we can provide guidance and recommendations on wealth structuring, risk management, and alternative investment strategies regardless of where your assets are managed.


Personal Commitment to Each Project


personal commitment

The real value of Lugen Family Office lies in our personal service. Our clients receive individual time and attention from specialists and experts across a range of fields.


Our emphasis is helping you achieve your dreams and goals by prioritizing each relevant next step. We treat every project as if it was our own. As we are helping you build a dynasty, we only work with a highly respected and sustainable strategic network.


Strong Family Values

strong family values

Our Family Office logo declares “significance, unity, and integrity.” We believe these core elements are a necessity for sustaining a family over centuries, even as the nature of a family or business may change.


Being a family business ourselves, we understand the sensitivities that surround family businesses, family governance and succession planning.


We know the key issues that need to be addressed so we collaborate with you to plan for future generations.


Enhanced Intellectual Capital Through Collaboration


Each of our clients has access to the unique knowledge and experience of the entire Lugen Family Office network where appropriate. This includes real estate professionals, senior investment bankers, tax lawyers, and some of the world’s most sought-after family business specialists.


Meticulous attention to detail and intellectual prowess is hallmark of Lugen Family Office. We never cut corners or serve prefabricated solutions.



The Legacy Pyramid…


The foundation of our wealth pyramid is “Financial Independence”. This is how much money you need for your own peace of mind so that you, and your loved ones, can do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, while living your dreams and fulfilling your life purpose. 

“Family Legacy”, the second level, is what you want to do for your family, or loved ones, while you are alive and through your estate.

The top level is your “Social Capital Legacy”what you want to do for others to make the world a better place.


Therefore, it is critical to put first things first. By understanding your values and your dreams, we help you design your life so that Financial Independence is achievable. Then the question becomes how do you want to allocate your remaining resources, either while alive or at death, between enhancing family lifestyle, protecting your family’s future, and helping others to make a difference in the world. By collaborating with Lugen Family Office, you now have a strategic partner to guide you through these important life issues in a respectful and trustworthy manner.


Our collaboration begins when we are formally invited into a person’s life. Lugen Family Office, and its strategic network, help individuals, families, professionals, and businesses take advantage of their most important opportunities while reducing, or eliminating, their associated risks. Our proprietary Seven Generation Planning Process creates positive results that builds confidence for our clients and their professionals.

seven generations

What is the Seven Generation Legacy Process?

In today’s society, it is common to think that estate planning, or succession planning, are the best way to protect your financial wealth for future generations. However, as Thich Nhat Hanh reminds us:

“If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors. All of them are alive in this moment. Each is present in your body. You are the continuation of each of these people.”

With the Seven Generation Legacy Process, our goal is to help you take a long term perspective of at least 150 years. Obviously, the chance of you, or any of your immediate family members, surviving this full cycle are slim. Consequently, this forces our clients to plant the seeds for success and significance today for future generations.

The best way to visualize the Seven Generation Planning Process is as follows…

babcy with blue eyes

1) Respecting Traditions

Keep alive the memories and stories of past generations, along with the important values and traditions that you and your family are currently following, in a respectful manner.

2) Utilizing, Documenting, and

Preserving Best Practices

Every member of your family has unique abilities and gifts that contribute to your family and business success. It is important that you develop a process to properly utilize, capture, and preserve those gifts for current and future generations. It is folly to presume that your family, or business, will have these strengths easily available within future generations.

3) Finding Common Ground

In order to effectively strengthen your current family, and keep future generations unified, it is critical to find a common mission that everyone is willing to support. Becoming a significant inter-generational family dynasty requires a higher purpose that all family members are willing to work towards.

4) The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Too often families and businesses confuse material success with true wealth. Just because one particular family member earns more money or accumulates substantially more material wealth than other family members, it is important to remember that material wealth cannot be taken with you once you pass on. True wealth involves creating a pooled resource for the family, also known as the family’s culture, that captures each family member’s unique abilities, the various family life stories, intellectual capital, financial capital, experiential capital, relationship capital, and spiritual capital.

5) Life is the Ultimate Gift

Unfortunately one of the biggest tragedies of our time is that human life is being devalued in relationship to material wealth. In reality, you are already a multi-trillionaire, at least in the living cells that create your body. It is important to remember that your treasure is meant to support your time and talent so you can fulfill your life purpose. Unfortunately, too many individuals and families have fallen into the trap of using their time and talents to solely accumulate worldly treasures.

6) Focus on the value of the Legacy you will leave behind versus the value of what you own

Whether or not a family member focuses on their legacy is irrelevant since everyone leaves behind a legacy. How do you want to be remembered by your loved ones, your community, and future generations? Live each day as if it were your last, doing the things that will make a difference, since one day you will be right!

7) Make a Choice and move Onward and Upward

Seize the day! Live with passion. Make each decision count regardless of the outcome. Every second that ticks by in your life is a second that will never return and has been spent forever. Make a difference in the world each day and fulfill your life purpose by sharing your gifts with others.

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    It has been stated the essence from the family office has its own roots within the sixth and seventh centuries in which a major-domo (literally meaning the chief; or head of the home) was hired to take care of the matters making plans for any royal family and then on groups of top of the nobility. The greater modern version of the family office started within the late 1800s. The household of J. P. Morgan, who later grew to become a effective financier, setup home of Morgan in 1838 to be able to manage their assets. John D. Rockefeller generate a similar organisation in 1882 to take care of his assets and keep the household wealth. These organisations caught on and most of the richest families started to setup their very own offices; the word family within the title from the organisation refers back to the families that began them.

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