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Brain Mind and Behavior: Emotions and Health

Take a look into our current understanding of the function of the human brain and some of the important diseases that cause nervous system dysfunction. On this edition, Jason Satterfiled, director of behavioral medicine at UCSF, explores the emotions and health and the promise of mind-body medicine.


Elvis and Graceland


John D. Rockefeller’s Estate

America’s Castles – The Homes of Frank Lloyd Wright

America’s Castles – Grand Plantations

Inside Alpine’s $68 Million Home

Kamson CEO Richard Kurtz sells his luxury estate in America‘s fourth most expensive zip code.


Inside A Billionaire’s 205-ft Mega-Yacht

Apogee, Darwin Deason’s $70 million-dollar luxury yacht, can be chartered for a mere $400,000 per week…. plus fees.


Warren Buffett – Absurd CEO Salaries

CEO pay got out of control because you had an unbalanced set of incentives. The CEOs are highly interested in increasing their salary, and it is given by a compensation committee that meets once per year for 15 minutes. As CEO compensation rises across the board, they use that as a bargaining tool and so the salary continues to get ratcheted up. No company wants to be in the bottom quartile as far as CEO pay goes either. Buffett’s CEOs are satisfied because they know that right or wrong, he is looking at things as an objective owner.

His CEOs have poured their lives into their businesses and they love it. They don’t want to deal with Wall Street or lawyers, so Buffett relieves them of that burden. Buffett is creating his own painting, but he wants the founders and managers to have the ability to create their own painting within their own company as well.


CEOs Make 380x As Much As The Average Worker

According to the latest edition of the AFL-CIO’s Executive Pay Watch report, the gap between CEO pay and worker pay expanded last year. In 2011, CEOs in the Fortune 500 made an average of $12 million, about 380 times what the average worker makes..

Meltdown (pt 1-4) The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse 2010

Great documentary explaining the FINANCIAL MELTDOWN.