Why Collaborate with Lugen Family Office?

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Lugen Family Office utilizes the Seven Generation Planning Process, best of class resources, and a highly respected strategic network to preserve and empower the wealth and legacies of business families for generations. Our family office collaborates with affluent families, successful businesses, other family offices, financial institutions, and trusted advisors to assist Business Families on their journey from success to significance. 



Our value proposition is simple…


  1. We utilize our proprietary methodology to rapidly expand personal, family, and business capabilities.
  2. We share the core principles used by other affluent families and profitable businesses so that positive results can be quickly duplicated.
  3. We work with your existing team of advisors, while tapping into the strengths of Lugen Family’s Office network, so that you can save time and money while achieving your goals in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. .
  4. We enhance communication and productivity among your family members, business colleagues, and professionals by discovering, and re-aligning, everyone’s unique abilities so that behaviours are appropriate for achieving your tactical and strategic plans.
  5. We customize our services and resources to meet your specific family and business needs.


family office services


What Does Our Family Office Do?



commercial real estate


Your Commercial Real Estate Consultants

Commercial Real Estate is a very lucrative alternative investment. You may have a “private banker” but now you can use Lugen Family Office, and our strategic real estate experts, as your private and confidential real estate consultants. Lugen Family Office works primarily with Buyers, such as Ultra High Net Worth families, hedge funds, money managers, family offices, and real estate investment firms to purchase prime commercial real estate.


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Family Office Concierge Services

for Affluent Business Families

Most plans begin and end with numbers. Our family office begins by discovering what is important to you and then creating a plan that effectively empowers your life story in a manner that works towards your most important goals, dreams, and desires. As a result, we have enhanced the typical Family Office concept by using our unique process, and world class strategic network, to reduce your costs, save time, and address the unique needs of you,  your family, and your business!


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Business Family Consigliere

Get a Private and Confidential Second Opinion


Lugen Family Office is the most trusted Consigliere to several ultra high net worth family businesses. Using our innovative Seven Generation Planning Process, family businesses can now build trust, improve communication, gain clarity on important leadership issues, and train the next generation with their own private and confidential Consigliere. Succession planning, business transition planning, business exit planning, business financing, business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and leadership coaching are now within your reach through Lugen Family Office’s strategic network.


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Vancouver-Skyline Lugen Family Office HQ - Vancouver, British Columbia





Lugen Family Office can help you coordinate a successful and productive Conference, family meeting, executive retreat, or Training Program. With access to Lugen Family Office, and our Strategic Network, you can now easily arrange exceptional meetings and training programs on numerous health, wealth, and relationship topics using our world class speakers.


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Benefits of the Lugen Family Office Approach…

  • Advice is provided with a complete understanding of how specific objectives align with family values

  • Services are provided to the entire high net-worth family

  • Our process ensures that all advisors work together in a coordinated manner toward your goals and dreams based upon your core values.

  • Investments and risk management are managed as part of your True Wealth so that you can preserve and grow your overall family net worth.

  • Save time and money through a coordinated project management approach that is based upon collaboration with your existing team PLUS access to our Strategic Network where appropriate.

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